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Germany is a friendly country of Russia, happened the biggest protest of Russians in Germany against Ukraine & NATO

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Germany’s top cities of the eastern side are protesting against Ukraine of NATO countries, where it has been begun with the Russian & Ukrainian war. Germany is the top country for the Russians & Ukrainian about business development and investment between Russia & Germany. The Population of Germany is mostly complicated by the RussiaUkraine war and they can’t take a side with Russia or Ukraine because of the continuous war under Europe. Germany has a bright relationship with Russian products and investing in Russia, but Germany is a top member country of NATO friendships.

Germany has deep ties with the Russian economy and German civilians invest in Russia during US sanctions.

Germany & Russia are rapidly investing in each other countries but can’t trade anymore because of United States restrictions in between NATO & Russia. Because Germany is still happy with Russia trading more export or import as the needs of their civilians. German banks, German shops in Russia are developing together in Russia instead of Russia in Germany, but Germany does not have any restrictions on Russian civilians who visits Germany.

Protests in Germany

In Germany, most of the population from Russia & Ukraine are visiting for business, stay, and development to grow together between Ukrainian and Russian peoples. There are most of the investments are looking to move with Russia for the needs of Petroleum oil and petroleum gases & Coil to keep continue the developments and regular life of Germans. In NATO, Germany became the most hub for the Ukrainians and Russians who protested for their country to support the Ukrainians and their own Russian Federation.

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