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GCC, MENA, and Arab League Countries Will Increase 1 Million Jobs in 2025 : Arab Africa Corridor

10 Million Jobs in Middle East, Africa and Europe, Top Investors, Labor, Business, Finance, and Strategic Partners move to the Middle East. GCC Countries, top economic corridor of Middle East, Wealth Funds, Mutual Funds, Economic funds, Market funds, and Capital Funds.


Right now, a very big development corridor and economic strategy is being made among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) i.e. Middle Eastern countries, which can create more than 1 Million jobs and employment among the GGC Countries in the future. Actually, within the Middle East, most of the people come from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, which can increase other types of jobs, employment, and labor in the future. Currently, we want to increase investment in GCC and Arab League countries, due to which the future economic corridor of GCC countries will go from approximately $4 Trillion USD to $5 Trillion. And now all GCC countries together have a starting budget of almost $2 Trillion USD, after which there are chances of more types of Wealth Funds, Mutual Funds, Economic funds, Market funds, and Capital Funds. Currently, it is being said that the total foreign assets of GCC countries will reach $4.4 trillion by 2024. And it is possible that in the future, even bigger investors can come from Asia, Europe and America. However, the estimate of up to 1 Million Jobs is just beginning but in future more jobs can be added to other countries like the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asian countries.

Top Investors, Labor, Business, Finance, and Strategic Partnership planning to move to the Middle East.

Till now, the plan of GCC and Arab Countries is increasing ties development with 22 Arab League countries and six members of The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In the future, there are plans to establish business, finance, trade, and ties with GCC and Arab League as well as with MENA (Middle East and North Africa) which includes Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, Jerusalem, Cairo, Rabat, Beirut, Tehran, Amman, and Sana’a will become top business, finance and development cities. By the way, recently things are getting a bit difficult between Africa and Arab due to the conflict between Israel, Arab countries, and Iran. But there is another option, if development increases within BRICS membership then all the countries can join the Arab League, GCC, and MENA membership. But if trade and economic ties between Africa, the Middle East, and Asian countries increase, Jobs, Employment, Business, and Financial sectors in the Middle East will be more surge. And for now, due to the growing economy, tourism, financial hub, and business development in the Middle East, it is estimated by experts that more than 1 million jobs and employment can be created in the future. In which the dominance of the GCC and Arab League will be shifted from Oil and Natural Gas to the world’s top manufacturing, financial hub, Agriculture, Renewable energy, Transport, and logistics, Tourism, Digital Infrastructure, and Healthcare.

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