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Gavin Newsom may run for the 2024 election instead of Joe Biden, Who Win Next US Election : US Election 2024

Who Win Next US Election 2024, Joe Biden health Ground, Trump Vs US Court, Why Trump and Obama will be behind the US Election 2024 presidential Candidates?, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy Vs Biden and Gavin Newsom.


Currently, there are many political reports in the US media that due to Joe Biden’s health grounds, it seems that Joe Biden may field Gavin Newsom for the presidential election in 2024. At present, due to the health of Joe Biden, many politicians believe that Joe Biden may withdraw from the US in the 2024 election because Joe Biden is to age. and it does seem that Joe Biden may offer a Presidential candidate to Gavin Newsom from their Democratic Party. And due to all these, there are elections in 2024 in the US and it will be very difficult for the Democratic and Republican parties to choose a Presidential candidate. because one side of the US is also angry with US Court Trump and now the US media also believes that Biden He will also not be able to run for Presidential election in the US due to his health conditions.

Why Trump and Obama will be behind the US Election 2024 presidential Candidates?

It is possible that even now Trump and Obama can come forward to conduct elections in the US and for the US Election Campaign because even now in the US, Trump and Obama are considered to be the best politicians for the Democratic and Republican parties. And now Indians, Africans, and Europeans can also be included in it for good performance because now the difficulties are increasing for Biden and Trump. And by the way, the Biden administration has dealt a big blow to other US foreign policies and hence I do not think that any other party in the US will get a majority in the elections. Because now there are gains going on between Biden and Trump, whether Trump or Obama or Biden will be necessary to run the Democratic and Republican parties, even if there are changes in the US Presidential Candidates. Although in the Republican party, it seems that due to Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy, Trump’s party is strong in the US election 2024, but till now no special top populist leader has been formed in the Democratic party, so it seems that there can be little change in the Democratic party.

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