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France may pay $1 Trillion USD to Niger amid Europe’s Failed in Africa : France Niger War

France Political Crisis, Europe Pays $1 Trillions USD to African Union, France Niger War, Europe’s Failed in Africa. Why Europe will reject France and Niger’s deal of $1 Trillion and return the money to the African Union in 2024?. Biggest Financial Crisis in Europe.


Recently, Niger and African Union conflicts are going to create the biggest financial crisis for Europe and France. Because currently, the President of Niger has said that France has many natural sources, Uranium, Petroleum products, Gold, Vegetables, Palm oil, coal, ore, tin, phosphates, petroleum, molybdenum, salt, and more from Niger and African Union Countries. There are many natural resources that France has exported over the years. Because after the disaster that France and Europe have faced in Africa, all African countries like Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Ghana can now demand that Europe will have to spend owe billions of USD worth of money. However, due to the recent coup against France in Africa, many countries have realized that France has betrayed the most worthy African Union country.

Why Europe will reject France and Niger’s deal of $1 Trillion and return the money to the African Union in 2024?

After Russia’s recent entry into the African continent, France is now falling into a new trap of African and Russian strategy. Although many countries in Europe had criticized the French President regarding Refugee, Better Aid Europe. The European Union countries believed that France now wanted to send its army to Africa because France had said that the whole of Europe would benefit from Niger or African natural resources but that benefit was only to France. But now this demand of Niger for Billions of USD from France can create a Financial Crisis for the whole of Europe. because currently, the number of other African immigrants in Europe has almost surged, and can settle in Europe from Niger, Mali, and Africa. In Europe African, People can sometimes protest against France. And due to all this, the French President may get a bigger blow in the French elections from the African population.

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