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France and Pakistan Trades may rise amid Israel-Iran War : France News

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Currently, due to the European Union, the Middle East, and US proxies or Israel’s Gaza war, it has become very difficult for Europe and the US to maintain exports and to maintain relations with Asia, Africa, and Indo-Pacific countries. Currently, Iran has surrounded the US and Israel in the Middle East, Africa, and the Arabian Sea due to which trade or developments are not happening with the US, Europe, African and Asian countries. In the same situation, the last few years ago the diplomatic or trade-related relations between Pakistan and France deteriorated which Pakistan has suffered the most because due to the relations between France and Pakistan, it seemed that relations with the European Union or Pakistan also have deteriorated. In the last few years, Pakistan’s exports have increased with Europe, the US, UAE, and China and now it seems that France and Pakistan are currently running with Pakistan due to Israel Gaza war or the political war between Iran and the US. Just as India has neutralized its trade with Russia, in the same way, France has considered Pakistan, the war-taker of Russia and Ukraine, as the top friend of the Western countries.

Why have Pakistan and France’s exports risen in South Asia amid Israel, Gaza, Iran, and the US war?

In any case, due to the Israel and Gaza war, Pakistan has kept its stance neutral for now and it is believed that due to this neutral stance, Western countries can once again strengthen relations with Pakistan. For now, Pakistan’s biggest friends are the European Union and China, because recently Pakistan’s exports to European Union countries have increased continuously. Currently, Pakistan’s largest exports are to The Netherlands which is 10% of total exports and Pakistan’s exports to European Union countries are approximately $12 billion worth of goods. Also, Pakistan produces the largest number of Textiles, House linens, Rice, Chemicals, Sugar, Cotton, Fruits, and vegetables in the world Pakistan gets maximum profits from the European Union, the US, UAE, and China. And now in the future, it seems that France will also be able to import textiles, leather, and footwear from Pakistan due to which French companies will get maximum profit by selling in European countries. It is written that Pakistani politics, civilians, and the economy will not be divided from France due to the Boycott, but in the future, Pakistan will be able to export almost $100B USD to European Union countries. But now with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and the possibility of a war between Russia and NATO, each country is increasing its economic, diplomatic, and defense relations with other countries.

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