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Finland to expand military, Economy, and Defense ties with Turkey, Italy, and US : Finland NATO

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Recently, Finland has achieved great success in major military exercises within its country. Because Finland has recently seen a huge defense deal and military accessories within NATO countries. They all wrote that Israel, Hamas, Ukraine, Europe, and Turkey are spoiling each other’s path. But if we talk about the defense of NATO and Europe, Turkey is the strongest country among NATO which helps all the countries, be it Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, or Russia. Because recently Turkey has demonstrated most of its fighter jets and defense equipment within NATO. During the live fly part, we will see 🇺🇸 F-16, 🇹🇷 F-4, 🇮🇹 F-35, Eurofighter, Tornado, MQ-9 RPA, tanker, and A-V8 used in NATO exercises with Finland. Turkey is the country that has always opened doors to NATO for countries like Ukraine, Sweden, and Norway but Russia attacked Ukraine, it does not matter that it is the failure of Turkey and NATO.

Why is Turkey investing in or expanding Finland and NATO’s securities?

If Turkey doesn’t want to put the RussiaUkraine war inside NATO because the biggest threat to Turkey is from Russia, Turkey has kept the entire NATO aside and is talking about food and energy exports from Russia. Because it was not possible to talk too much between NATO and European countries and Russia. So Turkey has played a very intermittent role regarding Russia and the Black Sea. Turkey has a lot of options to negotiate due to its friendship with Russia, which is why Turkey is considered a very important country among the elites of Asia and Europe, that is why the military of Turkey and the US always join forces with NATO. Because Turkey is considered to be the most secure country in the world due to its presence in NATO because strengthening NATO is the future of the US, France, Turkey, and the UK. And now it is believed that due to Russia’s ongoing action on Ukraine, Finland is increasing its defense budget, economic ties, and defense deal.

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