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Europe to ban Schengen Visa for Israelis, Christmas 2024, US Visa Ban amid Gaza War : Israeli Tourism

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Recently, there has been a big turning point in the ongoing Israel-Gaza war for Israelis and Palestinians. Currently, in Spain, EU commissions may be banned on Israel’s Gaza border due to Airstrikes and Ground Offensive on the West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza. Israeli people due to the ongoing crackdown on visas, the US also recently banned Israeli passports. Even if these visa sanctions are imposed in Europe and the US, there is a chance that due to the GazaIsrael war, it will be very difficult for Israeli people to visit Europe and the US and do business. This visa may be for a few days, but after the US visa, there are chances of losing even the Schengen visa for Israel. Currently, it seems that 50% of Israel’s Visa Sanctions can be done by the Schengen Visa countries, in which Finland, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, and Netherlands can also take major action.

Why did Europe ban Schengen Visa for Israelis amid Hamas, Turkey, and Israel?

Now if there is a problem between Turkey and Hamas leader between NATO and Israel then Israel can get a huge Economic, travel, and Visa ban reaction from NATO. Because even if the US itself can ban a visa by being a close country to Israel, a large amount of visa sanctions can be imposed on Israel in Europe due to Turkey, Ireland, Spain, and NATO. Because recently US authorities say that Radical Israeli Jews have started most of the riots and fighting in the West Bank. In which there is news of the deaths of more and more Palestinians. And because of this, the US has banned visas for the Jewish and Israeli population living in the West Bank. And now Europe is also denying huge visa access to Israel so that peace and security remain stable in Europe because Europe’s biggest security challenge is for Christmas.

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