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EU & Iran to develop own Satellites like Starlink & HughesNet in 2025 : Israel Gaza war

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Elon Musk, and France, are such big satellite internet providers in the world that the world’s top countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Luxembourg, China, and Russia are also building their own satellites like Elon Musk’s StarLink. Out of all these, there are 2 countries that are making great progress in the world of Internet and Satellites like Iran, Russia, and Luxembourg who want to make their own Internet Satellite which they can use in any war like Israel Russia. Currently, the US has a lot of Satellite Internet assets but due to US Sanctions, no enemy can use Satellite Internet. But if Iran, Russia, China, and UAE together make their own satellites, even the US will not be able to stop them from using them.

Why Europe, Iran, and Russia can’t make their own Satellite Internet to ignore the US and France?

Iran and European countries also want to build their own satellite systems so that they do not depend on any country in their emergency role. Recently, there have been a lot of sanctions on Iran, and Russia, and in such a situation it is not easy for Iran and Europe to make their own satellite. Suppose IsraelGaza does not end in the next five years, then maybe Arab League countries will choose another country like Luxembourg and France can be useful in this matter. America has a lot of problems with Iran and Arabia has a lot of problems with Iran, so in such a situation, Europe, Iran, and Russia can probably make their own satellites.

Now it is believed that Luxembourg, Russia, and Iran can create their own Satellite Internet for global Internet or Defense, Securities, and their own technology. Luxembourg company ‘CESS A.S.‘ is also the world’s top company that can provide services for space and satellite internet in countries around the world. Recently, Luxembourg may get new hope from Arab and Iranian countries such as UAE, Saudi, Iran, and China who want Luxembourg to open its SES S.A. network to provide services in the Middle East.

Iran and Luxembourg may develop their own Satellite for the Internet and Military defense.

In five years Iran has worked on 4 space or Satellite programs for defense, satellite internet, imaging, military routes, and access to all areas of the Middle East. For now, Elon Musk’s Starlink provides a lot of power but it is difficult for Iran to increase that Space or Satellite power by cooperating with Elon Musk but Luxembourg and Russia might be useful in this matter. There are many companies close to Elon Musk and the US who are working on their own satellite internet.

Now those who are interested in the space technology of Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia can also make their own Spaces and satellite Internet projects together with Europe and Russia. The US also wants to strengthen its relations with Iran and Arabia but because of the war in Israel and Gaza, no companies and countries are not useful to each other. Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia also have plans to launch their own StarLink by 2025 and provide satellite internet to other parts of the Middle East as Elon Musk has recently done to Gaza and Ukraine.

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