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EU countries investing in UAE, Swiss, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia amid Ukraine-Russia War : NATO vs Russia

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Currently, there is a politically cold war going on between Poland, Ukraine, NATO, and Russia, which can happen in the future, Poland and NATO can fight with Russia now. If the war between Poland and Russia extends to entire Europe and North America, it will be the biggest threat to the global economy, defense, and investment. In this way, European and North American investors, traders, and investment portfolio asset holders want to secure their money and investment portfolio in the future in Qatar, Switzerland, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Because currently the US and European governments have the highest debt and in such a situation, if Russia, China, Iran, Gaza, Taiwan, and the African Refugee crisis increases then it will be possible for the European and American governments to continue the front war in the future and for a long time. It will be very difficult to survive in the war. Anyway, in the last 5 years, the work of almost millions of top richest, businessmen and companies has been shifted to UAE, Qatar, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia which is posing a threat to Europe’s rich policy and quality of life.

Why are Europeans and Americans investing or Moving to UAE, Qatar, Switzerland or Saudi Arabia?

Currently, as of 2023, approximately 620,000 Westerners live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is 5% of its total population. Meaning, that this data is only from the UAE and it seems that there are more than 2 Million American and European people living there. it could if Europe or NATO countries went to war with Russia for millions of Americans and Westerners or could come to the Middle East because living in China, South America, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific could be quite complicated because China and Taiwan The matter is also rising. And anyway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and other top countries of the Middle East can also be very strategic for investment, development, and economy. Anyway, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Middle East are considered to be the best destinations in terms of business fundamentals. And it is possible that due to the war between Russia and NATO, Americans and Europeans can become a part of the growing economy in the Middle East. Along with this, European, Canadian, and Canadian companies can also move to the Middle East. Similarly, India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Thailand are now considered to be the world’s top fastest growing economy countries which can be beneficial and safe for European and American investors and businesses in the future.

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