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Eritrea Expands relation with Iran, Russia and China against Israel and US : Yemen War

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Due to the recent Yemen war, now another country, Eritrea, is bent on jumping into the war between the US and Yemen. And because of all this, relations with Iran are also visible in other parts of Africa because Iran can enter the Red Sea war through Eritrea. They also feel that Eritrea’s government and external affairs may be forced to take part in a war between the US and Iran in the future because of Yemen and the Red Sea. Iran has not only spread its tentacles against it and Israel in the Middle East but is now also ready to support Iran and its relations with African countries. Eritrea’s Foreign Minister has said that now Eritrea’s Foreign Affairs is ready to raise its relations with Iran to a strategic level. This means the US and Israel believe that the Yemen War is limited to Yemen only but now diversification of the Yemen War can be found in Africa also which may make it more difficult for US, UK, and US coalition armies to enter Yemen. If Eritrea tries to establish relations with Iran, Ethiopia can also support the US Coalition as there was a recent war between these two countries which lasted till the Tigray War (2020–2022).

Why is Eritrea ready to make ties with Iran instead of US allies in the Middle East?

Although Eritrea’s relations are now good with Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Middle East, if the Yemen war breaks out, Eritrea will have to find a Defense partner like Iran. Because of the growing influence of the Iranian and Russian powers within the Red Sea, Eritrea may have to give space to war between them and Iran. Because the US and European Coalition can attack Houthi and Yemen and hence Eritrea is not as much in danger from the US and Europe as Eritrea is from Houthi and Iran because supporting the US and Europe is equal to being hostile to Iran. The politics or government of Eritrea believes that if there is a war between the US Coalition and Yemen. then either the US or Iran can attack the interests of Eritrea, just as in the case of Yemen, Yemen has attacked US, Indian, Pakistani, and Japanese Ships. Eritrea is considered to have the biggest role in Africa to attack Iran and Yemen but now Eritrea feels that the US Coalition has completely defeated Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Earlier Eritreans also hated Iran but now the Foreign Affairs of Eritrea believes that Eritrea too may have to suffer a lot in this war. There are a lot of problems for Eritrea, it will neither give space to the US to attack Yemen nor will it allow Iran to fight if war breaks out in Yemen and the Red Sea.

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