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Epstein Island A New War in Israel, the US, and Middle East: US Politics

Is the Iran-Israel war trying to divert the issue of Epstein Island? Why are US People, Politicians, US Media, Businessmen, and top Hedge funds focusing on the Epstein Island Client List?, Epstein Client List, Israel-Arab War, US Republican Party, US Politics. US Election 2024.


Recently, few documents or client lists have been released regarding Epstein Island and the first suspects are Israel’s former PM Ehud Barak, hedge fund founder Glenn Dubin, fashion CEO Les Wexner, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, US Republican Party, Clinton and Due to Trump’s name, there has been a lot of damage in the politics of US and Israel in which Epstein Island has now become the biggest issue. So now this issue of Epstein Island is not only between the US and Israel but there are also names of many big royal families but for now, the suspected people or politicians are being named more than just the US. However, there is still a lot of evidence, women’s statements, and different statements of politicians being told about Epstein Island. But now it is believed that Epstein Island’s client list can accuse the US and Israel before the ICJ (International Court of Justice) and the result will have to be given to a party of the US and Israel by their votes. Most Countries believe that From one side of the world, the US is an ally of Israel and is guilty of genocide in Gaza, and from the other side, the Epstein Island Client List is no less than the IsraelHamas war.

Why are US People, Politicians, US Media, Businessmen, and top Hedge funds focusing on the Epstein Island Client List?

But now Epstein Island has been added to the Epstein Client List, in it seems that the issue of Epstein Island is now posing a threat to the friendship between IsraelHamas, Gaza, IranIsrael or US-Israel. And I feel that because of the US, Iran, and Israel war, now people’s attention is on Epstein Island and it could be an Iran-Israel war to divert this attention. Because Epstein Island is becoming a big issue for the Middle East and the US. Because all the time the photos of Epstein Island Clients are going viral, some videos or stories are being published that Epstein Island Clients have also done things like forcing. Well, for now, apart from that, there is confusion going on in other countries regarding the Epstein Island client list, but this has not been known yet. How long is the story of this Epstein Island Client List and who can be included in it the name of the person who comes to Epstein Island is either a big politician or the owner of a big company. Some of the names on the Epstein Island client list have passed away and some are still stuck in this mess.

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