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Elon Musk to Provide Starlink Internet, Chinese Satellite, and Vodafone In Gaza – Israel Hamas War

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People from many countries and supporters of Palestine are now pressurizing Elon Musk to open emergency internet and Humanitarian Satellite internet for the people of Gaza like the people of Ukraine. On the one hand, Israel has also stopped the fuel, food, and water supply to Gaza and other places, so many countries including America are sending humanitarian aid to Gaza. because of this, people are also eyeing Elon Musk he is in Gaza, To should start Starlink Internet and calling services so that in these difficult times they can know about their rights and disadvantages regarding the Conflict to share with the world. By the way, we can see a one-way USbased Starlink, situation happening in Gaza if it happens in Israel then Elon Musk’s Starlink internet will be running like Ukraine.

Why is Vodafone offering Free internet in Gaza?

However, Elon Musk also believes that starting Starlink in Gaza means taking on enmity from Europe, Israel, America and secondly, it is also political like Jewish population is second number in America, hence, it means both Republican and Democratic people. The parties may face a blow in the US upcoming election. But now UK-based Vodafone believes that if there is a need for Internet in Gaza then Vodafone can start its Satellite Internet in Gaza. This also means that its customers will continue to trust Vodafone company and may also create a bright future for Vodafone in the Middle East and Islamic countries.

Who will become the messiah of Gaza, Israel Vs Vodafone Vs Starlink?

Israel has cut off all the Internet & communication services in Gaza to stop all aid to Gaza and their people, but Vodafone planning to install new towers near Gaza to explore the Internet for Gaza’s civilians. However, for now, Elon Musk has no plans to activate Starlink in Gaza, but in the coming future, if China, Russia, and Iran allow their satellite systems to enter Gaza, then Elon Musk’s Starlink will face the biggest damage. it because here is an opportunity to share new technology with the world and keep people interested in Satellite Service. Nowadays every country has its own satellite system but they are mostly used by Space, the Army, and the Government, but if any country wants to spread its satellite system in the world then there is no bigger opportunity than this.

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