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Elon Musk hired a new CEO of X/Twitter, his new role XEC chair & Salary Of Twitter CEO

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The Twiter CEO or Owner Elon Musk found their Women Twtter CEO on the next list of Twitter new CEO from last 6 month and looking to make twitter more profitable on Entertaining, global advertising and partnerships of upcoming growth of Twitter.

The Name of New twitter CEO claim that she is Linda Yaccarino and she is too NBCUniversal’s Media group’s Presents chairman of managements, global advertising and partnerships from last 13 years of experiance to grow the company and its advertising or media partnerships.

A lot of Jokes are found on Twitter About her, but a lot of experiance on his supervision were have got a lot of alternates in the company of NBCUniversal.

The Linda Yaccarino was made a lot of experiances in the company to get listed in top media group or American multinational mass of Entertainments. Finally, Elon Musk cleared that Musk’s pick for the top job women CEO of Twitter.

Linda Yaccarino is an top accomplished women with vast amount of experience in the media and advertising, entertainments, gloabal monetizations, Research and partnership with other industry.

She does well known women about company’s managements and top lenght of top media & Advertisement projects to grow the global resources about a single host company. Elon Musk is going be a transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops to host the backend of Twitter Corporation.

As we understand, Twitter CEO Elon Musk Just hired a Marketing & Global Media content creators for backend of company but the all managements of Backends are still belongs to Elon Musk.

In the near future, Elon Musk Might hire a exec chair & CTO to handle the all twitter assets or work or understand the new technology to make a new CEO of Twitter belongs to Ai. ElonMusk is speding most of time on the Ai & Spaces to work the AGI or other Assets to integrate with Humans.

In the future’s CEO of Twitter will Ai, That they already want to do because of high value of upcoming Ai projects to handle everything with artificial intelligence, but for now they hired for spend whole time on upcoming technology.

Elon Musk replaced their old CEO Parag Aggarwal which is chose by Jack Dorsey and old Twitter Owners or founders. The Name of Linda Yaccarino was not disclosed yet from anyone because she is now going to have a top popularity on Twitter after Elon Musk hired her.

Elon Musk After successfully Bought Twitter, they have a no ideas about potencial to spend a lot of time or hours on Marketing, Advertising, challenges of revenue and monetisation, digital & streaming services & distribution partnerships about he whole VIP twitter.

The Salary of old Twitter CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was $30M. In the future of Twitter in the administration of Linda Yaccarino will have a option which is above of $40M USD package as new Position of Twitter CEO because she has a lot of experiance about revenue and invesments in company of NBCUniversal.

The Most of comapny CEO are made for the creating a new goals on their long time experiance on the each other projects and its too matters how a company make a lot of potential to keep stay active the Users, Monetizations, Advertisers, Partnerships and sponsorship.

A founders of Company after completed reased their business or active live new platfroms are thought about their earnings (Goal & Revenue) and security (Backend) of platforms.

Linda Yaccarino is new CEO manager of $44B worth of company of Global Sector to create their own goal to increase the yearly revenue in the administrations of Twitter. The managements of Twitter is more better to advertise and monetize the platform to increase the user’s attraction.

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