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Elon Musk Failed in Bolivia Coup, China and Russia Intervern in Bolivia : Bolivia coup

Elon Musk Vs Bolivia Coup, US Interest in South America, Luis Arce vs Bolivian Army, BRICS Vs NATO. China and Russia in Bolivia, Brazil and Haiti.


Recently a major political coup was about to take place in Bolivia in which the Bolivian people famously kept the power of their president Luis Arce from their own army general. The names of Elon Musk, CIA, and Juan José Zúñiga are coming forward on social media. The people of Bolivia believe that the US, Elon Musk, and Juan José Zúñiga are the biggest behind the Coup attempt in Bolivia. Currently, after another Coup Attempt in Bolivia, many photos, proofs, and evidence are being seen that the biggest threat to Elon Musk or US interest in the future may arise in Latin America. However, US interest is continuously failing in Latin America, such as Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and El Salvador, and now in Bolivia, US interest is also failing. So now it is believed that Bolivia can be India’s best ally along with China, BRICS, and Russia in the future because now the Bolivian President is an Army general along with many Pro-US army commanders.

Why did Elon Musk once brag about trying to COUP Bolivia?

Although Elon Musk has an interest in the politics of most South American countries, for the first time Elon Musk would have interfered with the politics of Bolivia to maintain US interests in South America. So, after Brazil, Bolivia can also host anti-US and pro-BRICS rallies because the Bolivian President has now succeeded in preserving his power, which can create a lot of trouble for US interests in the future. However, there are many other reasons why the US and Elon Musk interfere in the elections, coups, and internal affairs of the South American Countries. But now, if they and Argentina (pro-US) together take some strict steps against Bolivia, then perhaps the relations between them may deteriorate further in the future. Now it is believed that Luis Arce’s victory inside Bolivia is, on one hand, a victory for Brazil, China, and Russia.

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