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Egyptian Army will block the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’ if Israel Attacks Egypt, Philadelphi Corridor : Israel Egypt War

Israel Egypt War in Philadelphi Corridor, Israel Seize Rafah Crossing, Israel Attacks Egypt, Egypt may attack Gulf of Aqaba and Gaza, Turkey, Iran and Egypt inverne in Gaza War.


Currently, Israel has again captured the Egypt-Gaza border, which the Egyptian army and any new incidents from the Egyptian soldiers can understand. Because it is being told that the way the Israeli army has captured the EgyptGaza border or Rafah Crossing, it now seems that there is a possibility of war between Israel and Egypt in the future. But Israel’s army is the strongest in the Middle East but the Egyptian army is no less than anyone else because in the Middle East only Turkey, Iran, and Egypt are the countries that can give a major answer to Israel. And even now Hamas and Hezbollah are fighting Israel equally on both fronts. So in such a situation, there is an option that if there is a war between Egypt and Israel in the future, then in the future, Houthis can also support Egypt in the Red Sea. Because due to war between Egypt and Israel, Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia may also have to jump into the war. Because Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba are currently considered very important for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Yemen.

Are the Rafah Crossing and the Philadelphi Corridor going to create a new battlefield?

At this time, Gaza, Northern Israel, Golan Heights, and Rafah Crossing have created a new battlefield and in the coming times, war can be seen in these places also. Because even though Israel has destroyed the entire Gaza, Israel has still not been able to defeat Hamas, which will lead to a long war with Israel in the future. Due to the recent war between Hamas and Israel in Northern Gaza and Khan Yunis, it is being said that Israel is suffering a lot of loss. And it is also being told that if Israel does not get permission from US Aid, then Hamas can again strike largescale missiles. So in such a situation, now Israel and Egypt have come very close to war, which can create a big war in the future. So for now, if there is a war between Israel and Egypt, then Egypt’s army can attack many economic and defense areas of Israel. Because Egypt’s army has enough aircrafts, attack helicopters, battle tanks, navy, and paramilitary forces, it is stronger than Israel, which needs power in Rafah and Gulf of Aqaba. Secondly, Egypt also has a problem if Israel does capture the Sinai again because if Israel captured the Sinai then Egypt will have to face huge economic, defense and financial losses. Although Egypt can win over Israel, the killing of innocent Palestinians, Egyptians and Israelites can also pose a threat to Egypt.

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