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Dozens of people from Africa’s village accepted Islam and took the martyrdom of Kalima, Seema Haider Vs Africa Converted Islam

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In the first time in Africa, A lot Dozens of people of African villages converted into Islam to become a Muslim. Africans are one of the top continents to accept Islam rapidly in the history of the world. They become Muslim & Joining Islam to receive global Islamic support for their country, and economy and get jobs in around the world. All the poor populations of Africa are not allowed to get global support for their life, wealth, economy, domestic aid, or OIC support for their lives, but converting into Islam will be better ways to open your voice for the lives of the Islamic world.

African populations are think, there are not help for us in the our christian countries because of spreading fascism and racism in the africa & Europe. If they convert into Islam, there will be more ways to join the largest community of earth to tell about their rights. A lot of people think, They think that they are scared of Boko Haram, and they are scared of Islamic terrorism there, but this may not be true at all.

There in this video, no one are a terrorists to force them for convert into Islam. But there are not confirmed news about it ‘Why they converted Islam?‘, in the future will publish a news for this to confirmed where, why, what peoples & those who converted Islam. Watch Video below.

The Indians & Pakistanis are told, Seema Haider’s case is not enough for this big conversation into Islam. Pakistanis are posting or Reweets this post to most people to tell why Seema Converted to Hindu & These people are too converting to Islam. On Social Media, Seema Haider & Africa’s village religious conversion is the biggest matter in Pakistan and India both country.

Religious issues are the biggest tension for Pakistan & Indian in their political journey of upcoming elections of 2024 or 2025. In Africa, Most top villages with up to 1000+ people are converted into Islam. Some african told, they are converted by their freedom not one forces them for this biggest conversions.

Some people outside Africa says, They all seem to be poor and unemployed, uneducated people and islamic group have forced them for this, and some tells they are converted to their thinking, freedom & other deal. Some Africans say the Western & Other countries don’t believe in & support their being Christian. They Converted to Islam to get global support for their country, security for nationals outside Africa, and global Islamic aid for their country to keep safe from terrorism.

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