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Does Pakistan supply weapons to Ukraine and Israel? : Israel Gaza War

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Recently, Pakistan also became famous for two big events like RussiaUkraine War and Israel Gaza War. Many countries and people believe that Pakistan is trying to improve its relations with Europe and it wants its weapons and Artillery shells can be sold. Now the news is spreading that just as Pakistan was sending arms to Ukraine, it is also selling arms to Israel. However, this news is quite complicated because the relations between Pakistan and Israel are still not good and it is believed that Pakistan is still supporting Jordan, UAE, and Oman along with Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America. By the way, it is completely incomprehensible to say that Pakistan is supporting Israel because Pakistan has always been against Israel. In this case, apart from earning money by selling arms to Pakistan, there is no more benefit in making friends with Israel and it is very important for Pakistan to continue the IsraelHamas war. Just like Pakistan is selling arms to Israel, Pakistan can also send arms to West Bank and Gaza.

Is Pakistan really Supporting Israel and Ukraine?

Even Pakistan, Saudi, UAE, Jordan, and many other countries have not openly supported Israel to date, they are supporting Israel or Palestine for their security, business, interests, and ties. They believe that Pakistan can send weapons to Israel like Ukraine, but this deal will not be open, it can only be secret. However, supporting Israel is both right and wrong for Pakistan. Saudi, UAE, Jordan, and Egypt are not against Israel like before but instead are supporting Israel. Because apart from Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, no country will provide military support to Hamas and Palestine. if Pakistan is supporting Israel then the biggest step is to earn money by selling arms to Israel and improving its relations with Arab countries because most of the Arab countries are still supporting Israel. There is only political support between Israel and India and even Indians can’t send weapons to Israel because Iran, China, and Russia are also good friends of India. Because the supporters of IsraelPakistan relations, the economy, relationships, and Government selling weapons and will also make money with the help of Saudi, Jordan, and Egypt, they will drive back the people of Afghanistan and by creating good relations they will target India in Jammu and Kashmir. By the way, due to the Ukraine war, perhaps a defense deal might have been made between the West, those countries, and Pakistan which could fulfill Israel’s need for weapons.

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