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Did Hamas attack Israel to improve Iran-Saudi relations? World War in Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Yemen

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Hamas launched the biggest surprise attack on Israel on 7th October and almost 25 days have passed since the attack and now the IsraelHamas war in Gaza has not stopped. And day by day the supporters of Israel and Palestine are supporting each other and it is believed that if America or Iran had taken entry, this war could have become much bigger. Iran & Turkey have not openly recognized Hamas as a terrorist group and still, this war is going on against each other, as Hamas can be backed by Iran and Qatar, similarly America, Saudi, and Israel are also backed by militants who were moving in Syria. This clearly means that the longer the war between Israel and Hamas goes on, the more Iran, Saudi, China, and Russia benefit, and the biggest economic loss is to the US, Israel, and Europe who support Israel completely. On the other hand, this war is no less for Netanyahu because he also has to remain the PM of Israel, hence he does not want Israel to lose this war and if he loses the war against Hamas then he will lose the people of Israel forever.

Now this is the biggest step for Israel, International Courts, the UN, and Human Rights have imposed a crime against Israel during the Airstrike on Gaza, it has always been a loss for Israel, and if Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, and Iran suddenly attack Israel. then how the world will see this as a terrorist attack on Human Rights violations what mistake will it make? What happened to the people of Gaza should never happen to Israelis, because international law is equal for everyone. Iran, Hamas, the UN, and all the countries are petitioning with US and international laws in their own way to stop the IsraelGaza conflict but Israel has not yet said that it wants to stop this war and Israel on Gaza There have been continuous attacks since 7th October. There are many questions here about whether Netanyahu really wants to stop the war or is attacking Gaza for his leadership. But whether Israel America or Russia is benefiting from this war or not, Iran-Arab friendship is continuously increasing and due to this Iran-Saudi and China are benefiting. This shows that Iran probably got Hamas to attack Israel for this very reason. Now only Hamas, Gaza, and Israel have fallen in the war and the longer the war continues, it will be the biggest loss for Israel and America, because Iran is using Proxy here.

Why are Iran-Arab relationships growing against Israel?

Everyone wishes that this war should be far from one’s own country, as many types of wars can be fought due to the friendship between America, Russia, and the Middle East. Ever since the friendship between ArabIran and Russia has been going on, it has given a lot of fear to Israel so that whatever happened in Syria in the last war does not spoil the situation of Israel now. This time the target is Israel and it is believed that Iran’s aim is to destroy Israel but now the countries that earlier sided with Israel is today with Iran, Hamas, and Palestine. Now it is also believed that Iran’s mission was not to make its way with the Arab countries and to make Israel a new battlefield. But for now, only America has openly sided with Israel and is also waiting for Iran or any third-party country to get a chance to fight against Israel.

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