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Demonstrators demand the resignation of Netanyahu in Tel Aviv amid War in Israel-Gaza : Israel Politics

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Recently, the biggest protest in Israel has taken place against Netanyahu. The biggest demonstration among the Israeli Jewish population in Tel Aviv, they believe is that Netanyahu has organized the (7th Oct) attack with the help of Israeli politicians. This protest in Tel Aviv is not new, there have been many protests before so that Netanyahu wanted to take over the Courts or Judiciary and this protest has come from people unhappy with the current leadership of Netanyahu. By the way, Netanyahu is facing bad times not only outside the country but also inside the country.

Why Israeli 85% population want the Resignation of PM Netanyahu?

However, Israel is also a democratic country and people have the right to protest if they see something wrong happening against democracy. It has been almost half a month since the war between Israel and Gaza. Most of the business of Israeli people is in Arab, EU, and American countries and this is the worst time for them because Israeli products and businesses are being boycotted everywhere. The people of Israel know that Israel’s action in Gaza has broken all the rules of the world. Many countries are expressing their disapproval of Israel’s crackdown on the people of Gaza and believe that if Israel continues to crack down on the people of Gaza then this war could be very long.

What Will Happen If Netanyahu Resigns Amid Hamas-Israel War?

If Netanyahu resigns from his post in the coming few months, it could be the biggest blow to Europe. Israel, America’s biggest friend and vote bank, is a very important step for now because the Jewish population in America is the second largest. and no politician would want to have peace with Israel, Hamas, and Palestine, especially untill the US elections. But if the war continues then only Israel-Palestine will be harmed. The Israeli people would not want Netanyahu to not listen to their voice, so he might have a chance to hold a protest in Israel to stop the war. If this war continues for a long time then Israel’s economy can suffer the biggest blow and due to US elections, even the US will be able to help Israel with difficulty. Israeli institutions do not want anything to be done against their people in Europe, America, Middle East where they are completely boycotted. Perhaps if more protests increase against Netanyahu, the doors of Israel’s Judiciary or International Justice may be knocked by Local Israeli people.

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