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XRP or Bitcoin to become World’s top reserve Currency instead of USD in 2025 : BRICS, G20 & OIC countries in Bitcoin

BRICS, NATO, OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) are going to adopt XRP or Bitcoin to make own curreies to trade with new powerful currencies instead of USD. XRP became banking, protocols, Decentralization, Own Currencies, and Payment networks, Trade in XRP of Oil, Crude Oil, and Gas, Saudi, Iran, UK & EU countries are adopting XRP or Bitcoin Payment protocols to create new own currenies for Forex Reserve. It’s not so easy to take and get rid of the US dollar


Ripple (XRP) is the world’s top Payment protocol for Blockchain, Stablecoin, and Banking facilities. Top countries in BRICS, NATO, OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), and G20 are using Ripple’s programs to create their own currencies and make a BRICS or G20 official currency with XRP to make more payment gateways across the world. In these 3 months, the top largest values of banks, startups, and developers of banking and financial sectors are looking to adopt an XRP technology to increase the global dominance of market cap.

Banks are migrating into XRP network payments protocols

Banks migrated their top values of assets to Ripple (XRP) technology with a blockchain-based digital payment network and protocol that uses its own cryptocurrency. XRP provides many indications to all those banking, protocols, Decentralization, Own Currencies, and Payment networks to spread the blockchain over the countries. Saudi Arabia is ready to join BRICS to bypass the independency of the USD or USA to make new dominance with Russia, Brazil, China, and India till the end of the year to accept the Oil Trade, Gas & exports payment with the world’s top decentralized protocols.

PetroDollar is moving into XRP or Bitcoin to cancel payments in $USD?

It’s because they are moving away from the Petrodollar which will kill the dollar dominance to integrate with their own membership currencies on XRP to become a bank and back the dollar that is tied to gold. Saudi Arabia is the world’s top Oil, Crude Oil, and Gas supplier to maintain their economy, exports, and domestic trade on XRP or Bitcoin. In France, Netherlands, UK. Germany, Canada, Iran, Brazil, Russia & Saudi Arabia are looking to adopt the new digital payment network protocols to create new own currencies or make new partnerships instead of the USA.

Foreign Debt, Forex Reserves, Financial, Investments in $USD Vs Bitcoin

The United States has the most powerful currencies in the world with Financial, investments, Foreign Debt, and Forex reserves of more than 150+ countries of the world. Actually, this takes time. It’s not so easy to take and get rid of the US dollar. Saudi Arabia may accept XRP as an alternative payments gateways instead of USD but long-term financial USD would help the global economy with the USA.

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