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Why price of Solana and Bonk is going to increase up to 1000% in 2024? : CryptoCurrency

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There are many currencies in the world of blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and BRC20 which are seen increasing day by day. Recently, there has been a maximum increase between two crypto currencies which we can call Bonk Inu and Solana coin. So it seems that Bonk and Solana have Science that can become the world’s top currencies in crypto like Memecoin, DeFi, Web3, and Fasted Blockchain solution. So many investors, institutions, and crypto traders have a question as to how they can trust the Bonk and Solana blockchain for long-term investments. So Bonk is the only coin that is making huge gains in the Solana blockchain and also the money of Solana is increasing. So today we are going to tell you some things like why Bonks and Solana are growing whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum haven’t seen such huge growth yet.

Why did Solana and Bonk Inu Coin price surge?

By the way, the price of Solana has also increased from $20 to non-stop $70 and the market value of Solana has also increased to more than $21 billion USD. And also Solana-based Bonk Inu coin has also increased by 15 and 1500%. So we think that some big companies have understood how FTX, the Solana community has realized that Solana Blockchain is cheap, fast, and reliable and anyone can develop it. Actually, FTX has been approved by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) for crypto regulation in the future. Earlier too, after launching the Bonk, the b0nk had given profits ranging from $10 to $1000 and up to $2500. In such a situation, integration of the world’s top projects of Bonk and Solana is taking place and many cross-chains are using Solana. Now it is estimated that after Solana, Solana is the biggest coin on blockchain which can give a profit of up to 10x in the future.

Should we buy Solana and Bonk Inu Coin?

FTX and LUNA may be the biggest players behind the arrival of Bonk because it is the first Memecoin of Solana that has generated the most profit. This means that if you launch a Bonk and invest $10, you could make a profit of approximately $10,000 today. It can return around $8 to $70 annually and now Solana will cross $100 after a few days which is a big support for the Solana community. Recently, UAE, UK, USA, and Switzerland have entered into a partnership with Solana and Circle in which Solana blockchain plays the biggest role. So, after development on Solana Blockchain, Stablecoins on USDC, and Meme Coin on Bonk, Solana has the maximum chances of growth. Also, Bonk Inu is the one that has been burnt the most on the Solana blockchain. Bonk Inu has been quite profitable in NFTs platforms and Memecoin and many Solana NFTs-based coins are using Bonk Inu in alternative technology.

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