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Why Bonk Inu Falling, Will BONK and Pepe Coin Flip $DOGE and $FLOKI amid Solana Soar? : Bonk Inu News

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Currently, after a big profit, the Bonk Inu coin has fallen again badly and hence it is believed that the $BONK inu coin is currently in a downward trend and it seems that the BONK coin will reach $100 before Solana reaches $100. This will create a new ATH (All Time High). Because Bonk Inu ($BONK) coin has recently overtaken Shiba and many other Memecoins like it in just a few months and in addition to Solana, Bonk Inu is attracting more and more investors from Ethereum and BRC20 and the market cap of Bonk has increased. BONK’s ($BONK) all-time low was $0.000000086142 on December 29, 2022, and now BONK coin price has with most profitable at $0.00001154 in 2023. And now Solana has also made an all-time high record for the last 1 year and it seems that Solana can also reach $100. But along with this $BONK and $RLB (RollBit) will also get a boost. Apart from this, the Solana community and Ethereum Memecoin investors are also investing a huge amount to further boost $BONK Inu so that their investments in BONK along with Solana get accelerated.

Why Pepe Coin and Bonk Inu will next top Memecoins in the Market Cap at an all-time high?

Although in the last Memecoin season, $Shib had gained the most from USD and Fiat, this time the new Memecoin market is above $PEPE and $BONK. Recently it seems that $BONK and $PEPE may get new hope for now on Ethereum and Solana blockchain and in the future on more meme coins. Why Pepe Coin ($PEPE) and Bonk Inu ($BONK) will next top Memecoins in Market Cap Hit an all-time high? – Recently I told you that Shiba, Floki, and Dogecoin have given almost 100X profit in the previous Bitcoin and Crypto Bull Run but this time $BONK and $PEPE are watching the world’s Solana and Ethereum community. So, I believe that this time, more people have faith in Solana and Ethereum’s new Memecoins than SHIB, FLOKI, and Dogecoin, which will become the world’s largest and most profitable coins in 2024. Positive market trends on Solana for Bonk Inu investors, significant Solana price increases, new listings and upgrades, Bonk Burn and Memecoin investors are looking to stake, grow, and build on Solana by rewarding $BONK. Most Memecoin Traders are buying platforms for buying BONK including KuCoin, CoinEx, Bybit,, and MEXC amid Solana price skyrocketing from $20 to $100 in only 2 months.

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