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USA plans to make Bitcoin backed USD for global remittance than Gold or Bonds in 2025

Global Remmitance in Bitcoin, USA Accepts Bitcoin as Alternative, SEC offers Bitcoin ETF to Top banks in USA, New Startups, Businesses, global investments are looking for Bitcoin, USA politician are fighting for Bitcoin to win Elections and adopt bitcoin, Bitcoin-backed USD & EUR, Bitcoin vs Gold & Bond, Assets Management banks offers the Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin become world’s top global currency in world, A Japanese person Controlling USA economy?, Bitcoin price prediction $1000000 in 2025.


World’s top Bitcoin holding or highest Bitcoin trader in across the United States are looking to set up Bitcoin back on the $USD in 2025. The US is the world’s top country to have many drafts of bills in the courts, SEC & Crypto Exchange, to explore or related regulation of crypto in the over country. World’s top traders, investors, and funds raisers are looking to watch the US policy on Dollar & Bitcoin to make their new plan on their Billions of US Dollar’s quota to increase the global business with United States. SEC passed some laws on Bitcoin trading on US crypto or Stocks to offers with rules to protect Bitcoin & Banks of Bitcoin-backed financial services. Top banks of US with Trillion of USD market cap is running Alternative plans for Bitcoin, Ethereum & other Fiat or global payment system to offer new services to the world.

Top US presidential candidate Robert F. Kenndy Jr, announces the plan to backed the US dollar with Bitcoin. As per now, USD is backed on Gold & Bonds to stabilize the global payment or Mining sectors under the control of the US to increase the demand of Gold & Bonds. But Bitcoin has a decentralized limited, scalable, supply and development option to create its own mining sectors on the Internet. 

Many of its Bitcoin-friendly leaders, politicians & Finance Advisors are looking to make own think about Bitcoin and decentralized Rights to give their citizens after the winning of elections. but its goes failed because there is everything under the control of printing money in The Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the White House. The US investors are thoughts there are no places to invest in Bitcoin because of America’s centralized rules on Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges.

SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) is now divided under two rules of Bitcoin & Stocks to establish the real one because the top Stock exchanges are now losing institutional’s investment in the USD-backed Shares of the Market. There the new institutions are looking to Invest on Bitcoin-backed USD or share to hold for the long term to make the safety of funds at long years to earn a lot profits.

US (United States) government is looking to make Bitcoin-backed USD as the alternative payment system to earn high taxes from global payment senders & receivers to make instant payments from anywhere in the US or outside any country. In the world, International remittance for the whole payment system of the world increases the global demand for payment processes in the world’s top countries to create a new plan of Investment in Startups, Businesses, global investments, and virtual ecosystems.

SEC, BlackRock, ARK Investing, and Fidelity are on the ways of Bitcoin to offer the services to world about investing and make the trust on top assets management bank to attract investors to invest in BlackRock, ARK & Fidelity via Bitcoin. Top Assets Management banks are rapidly joining Bitcoin & Ethereum to migrate their physical Gold, Fiat & Bond worth into digitalization.

Inward & Outward remittance in most issues takes many days to send a single payment with tax and takes some days to proceed into the Bank Accounts of international businesses. Bitcoin is the final option to send payments in minutes from the USA to anywhere around the world and Space too. Finally, the USA planning to adopt Bitcoin for international remittance & Global payment gateways with Bitcoin and other Minable Cryptos to make a safe instant payment system of the earth. There is a large scale of risk, uncertainty, and fear in the people who invests in Crypto or Bitcoin, because there is no limit to falls or up the market or increasing the market or bitcoin prices.

Large Funds management banks are predicts the Bitcoin prices are looking to boom in the future of 2025 to approximately $1,000,000 million USD to increase safety, and security with their limited supply of 21M to lock all the funds into the Decentralized chain of the world. Through it, US government holds most Bitcoin the world than Bulgaria & UAE. Some peoples think, If the US bought every available bitcoin to back the dollar than it would behave like a stable coin overnight. There is a lot of voting or petition about Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin trading & Bitcoin investment in the USA to offer the services from the ways of SEC to the world.

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