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US & EU politicians buys $100B worth of Bitcoin, US Election 2024 : Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Prediction, US Election campaigns on Bitcoin, Why European and American Politicians are buying Bitcoin worth $100 Billion USD?, US Bitcoin Investment Donald Trump VS Joe Biden in 2024 US Election. US Politicians, Lawmakers, and US Congress buys Bitcoin and Crypto before US Election 2024.


Currently, after the US SEC has approved bitcoin ETFs, there is now a race among US top political parties, politicians and Bitcoin Investors to buy bitcoin. Donald Trump (Republican Party Presidential Candidate) has encouraged his investors to invest in NFT and Bitcoin in 2022 and 2023, but now Democratic President Joe Biden has also given an expectation of investment in Bitcoin and Digital Finance, which will increase in the last 2 months due to Bitcoin. It has crossed from $30,000 to $50,000 and now in the future, even US Politicians, Lawmakers, and US Congress persons are now trying to buy Bitcoin ETFs and bitcoin. Due to all this, pro-United States-based parties and politicians now want to increase Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin investment in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Now due to US efforts, Investors and Politicians of European countries are giving new hope to Bitcoin and they predict that the price of Bitcoin will go up to $172K in the future.

Why European and American Politicians are buying Bitcoin worth $100 Billion USD?

In any case, due to US treasury funds and the European Union’s regional wars in Ukraine, Israel, and the future, Bitcoin has become a very big financial and digital asset for them. Whereas US banks, the US Government, and the US Congress are trying every possible way to save US dollars in the future, it is believed that due to the US Bank, World Bank, IMF crisis, and the highest US Debt, it will be difficult to save USD and EUR. Because of all this, now European and American politicians are also planning to buy Bitcoin so that in the future they can get facilities like Political Campaign, Investment, Financial Systems, Technology, and Bitcoin ETF with Bitcoin. Currently, Blackrock, Fidelity, ARK Investing, The Nine, grayscale, and US banks can also make Bitcoin assets and digital investment leading or collateral assets. This means that Bitcoin is being considered a huge Payment, Financial, and Business solution in the US and other financial, business, and retail industries. Recently it is estimated that about $100B+ can be raised by US politicians, US Congress, and European political parties for investment in Bitcoin. Currently, the election cost of the 2020 US election is estimated to be more than $14B USD, and in future US elections election campaigns can also be conducted using Bitcoin, so the cost will be more than $100B.

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