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UAE’s Phoenix signs $1Billion deal to buy Bitcoin, UAE Debt Free, and Bitcoin mining equipment : UAE Bitcoin

UAE’s top companies investing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Stocks of the Future, financial training, Accountancy, and Finance Courses in Bitcoin, Phoenix deal to buy Bitcoin, UAE Debt Financial Free, Phoenix is investing in Crypto, US and Candian companies will invest in UAE to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. Institutions are buying Bitcoin with Phoenix Group PLC.


Currently, an order of $380B USD has been placed for UAE’s top financial training, Accountancy, and Finance Courses in Bitcoin Equipment and Phoenix plans to invest up to $1B after the Bitcoin Equipment deal which is in addition to Bitcoin investing. Finance, Study, Bitcoin Mining, Education, and the future will be studied. And now the delivery of a Bitcoin order worth $138 Million USD of Phoenix has been completed and Phoenix can almost meet the target of $500M for further investment of Bitcoin. Along with this, there are thousands of other UAE companies that want to take Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and after this big deal, they too want to invest in Bitcoin or can take some stake in Bitcoin and partner with Phoenix and Abu Dhabi Stock Companies.

Why Phoenix is investing in Crypto, Bitcoin, and Stocks of the Future?

In any case, due to this big deal of Phoenix, there has been a lot of attraction towards Bitcoin among other Startups, Technology, Business, and Finance sectors of UAE. Recently I came to know that Bitcoin ETFs will not be available in the US and Europe but will definitely be available in the Middle East because other companies, institutions, and investors in the Middle East believe that Bitcoin is a property asset for them. Because of all this, many other banks in UAE are now using Bitcoin in alternative payments and are holding it for a long time so that even retailers and investors do not need to take any debt from UAE and foreign. Way to Phoenix Group PLC is not a big company but is the UAE’s largest cryptocurrency mining hardware retailer with a presence in UAE, Canada, North America, and CIS.

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