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UAE hires Bitcoin, AI, Metaverse, and DeFi employees from Across the World : Job In UAE

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There are many countries in the world that consider Bitcoin, AI, and Metaverse technologies as scams or Ponzi Schemes but UAE and other Arab countries are spending a lot of money on Blockchain, DeFi, AI, and NFTs technology. Recently the rulers of UAE visited Switzerland and Europe and there they met the big web3 team for technologies like Web3, Blockchain, and Metaverse. UAE is the only country in the world where it accepts many future-related technologies and great developers, creators, and founders from all over the world are getting the opportunity to come to UAE. Recently UAE has created a new treasury for its own Crypto Tax, which is hiring foreign developers for Tax, Lending, Borrowing, and future-related investments for companies coming from abroad.

UAE’s highness royal family members will visit Europe, America, China, and Russia to develop DeFi and Web 3 potential.

By 2025, UAE has become the hub of web3 in the world of blockchain, AI, and Metaverse and wants to do the same in other big cities of the world in financial and DeFi. Recently UAE has attracted big crypto influencers, social media experts, crypto experts, crypto analysts, blockchain developers, crypto investors, and other VIP people who can enable UAE to become the crypto financial world of the world. These top creators, developers, CryptoGraphy, algorithm, Machine Learning, Decentralized Databases, and so on are paying huge amounts to the developers for Fiat/Forex and Forex/Crypto. The UAE government is spending more money on CBDC and Virtual Currencies in its country to attract global Crypto, Stocks, Bonds, and Financial assets.



Meaning UAE is a country that is hiring huge digital currency holders, Twitter/X Accounts, and real-time developers and will spend a lot of money with them so that UAE gets the most sponsored people in the world. Because of the way UAE’s web2, physical, and future systems have developed, so can UAE be decentralized and widely expanded in the world of web3 and DeFi. Top countries of Europe, Asia, and America including Switzerland, the UK, France, Netherlands, the US, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China, and countries across the world are investing, developing, and creating creativity in many Startups. Among all, for now, UAE’s focus is on new technologies like DeFi, Metaverse, and AI. That will further improve the UAE in the future and make it a tourism, financial hub, investment, and global investor. Nearly 100,000 Crypto, NFTs, and DeFi holders have visited the UAE in the last 2 years and this is the biggest opportunity for the UAE to further improve this industry.

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