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Top world banks like JP Morgan, Fidelity, and BlackRock are going to create own currency backed on Bitcoin?

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The world’s top assets managements, banking fund companies and multinational global banks are looking to create own Digital or virtual currency to adopt the future of banking system, blockchain security, Decentralized Financial system & online global payment systems. Top banks like Fidelity, JP Morgan, BlackRock Assets managements & Global US banks are looking to alternatively add the banking global payment gateways to migrate their large funds in the ways of Blockchain technology.

Cryptoghrapic Technology, Cryptocurrencies have a bright attractions for the digital instant global or permissionless transactions via Crypto-to-Crypto payement. JP Morgan Chase has created its own blockchain based Programs with Banking DeFi managers, Banking Backend Developers, Investing ratios of Future to start a new journey of ignore the gold & Bonds.

Most Banks are need their own rights to manage the banks and funds of decetralized to save investors, traders and payments related gateways. All the banking Funds will be establized into the new digital format with Bitcoin & Ethereum programs to make own things as possible to do partnerships with Dev teams, Banking Digital Creators, own Projects the rules of Government agencies.

JP Morgan Chase, BlackRock, Fidelity is a Public branches sponsored by Top investors, Institutionals, investment, advisory and risk management solutions to improve the banking system in global stablize funds. All the new things are always added by these banks after they can’t hold large amount of Gold & Bonds. There are Bitcoin, Ethereum & other Government verified digital currencies are going to be added in the next upcoming banking new fund’s cycle.

In 2024 or 2028 Before the next Bitcoin Halving, As i think most number’s of global  banks are Alternatively set the new payements & investments ratio for their investors who leaving Banks because of trouble about Crypto/Fiat transctions. These banks are still has most number of investors of new generation who needs bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Blockchains coins and its technology to add into their wallet before banks do Accept the new things.

Top Financial Institutions might consider the notion of developing their own currency to add their all Financial value of gross to Liquidity Pools of own Currecnies to make their own currency powerful in digital world instead of USD, EUR & other Fiat currencies. The Most number of new cryptocurrencies are being created on the Bitcoin Blockchain with BRC20 or Ordinal to save all funds into virtual currencies like Satoshi nakamoto made it.

Potential of Advantages of Blockchain technology like quicker transactions, cheaper prices, and greater transparency in Bitcoin are most important things to improve the quality of Digital Banks or Crypto Exchanges during popularity of Bitcoin and the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

In the recently as we heard. the Top banks, Assets management banks & Financial banks are looking to make a plan with top each other banks in USA, to make own crypto platfroms to do something centralized, to Tax the investors, Liquidity, Futures Perpetuals & other follow the SEC rules.

It might be nessesary to naviagte ligislative frameworks to pass away the jurisdictions to create own framework behind your own crypto backed by Bitcoin to understand the Banks, Activities & legalize into clarification for global banking system against the the Government agency & Centralized Rules.

There would be better to have a strategic collaborations between banks, cryptos, web3 creators team & secure the blocks under the monitoring & rules related of own new Decentralized banks, there are alot of top crypto holders are left to earn from Banks new invest but new bank should bypass with new currencies instead of Bitcoin, it too work is banks Bitcoin backed programs for banks currencies.

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