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Top Ethereum nfts price crashing in 2023, BAYC, AZUKI, CryptoPunks & top NFTs in 1 ETH floor price?, OrdinalsNFT migrating

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The oldest and oldest top NFTs collection on Ethereum are rapidly crashing during global Bitcoin & Ethereum price falling from last year 2022. The Bored Ape Yatch Club, AZUKI, CryptoPunksMoondbird, Doodles, Meebits, Cool Cats & other top Ethereum based with top market capitalization in world’s top NFT collections.  The Bitcoin & Ethereum prices are mostly falling from their all time high of 2021 & rapidly crashing whole NFTs market in global’s top NFT communities.

The AZUKI, CryptoPunk, Doodles,  CryptoPunks, Bored Apes are looking to make everthing possbile to create a new destinations for biggest financial value each NFT & NFT’s based coins assets, to increase the demand of top NFT collection on Ethereum and other cross blockchains.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s price was in early ATH of 2022 at 153 ETH from 0.13 starting prices in 2021. Azuki NFTs on Ethereum was too on the stable price between 15 ETH to 20 ETH from last year 2022, and their in CryptoPunk & BAYC made two different major falls in the history of both NFTs collection on Ethereum because both are made NFT collection on Bitcoin Punks & Bitcoin Apes on Ordinals.

Bitcoin’s OrdinalsNFTs are made all over the Ethereum Programs like Solidity & Ordinals configurations to deploy on Bitcoin Blockchain through backed support of Ethereum Code Programs to stablized their top assets into Bitcoin networks. BAYC for sale at underneath floor of 37 ETH as a first time happened after a long time to of NFTs bearish prices. The BAYC, CryptoPunk & other top Ethereum NFT collection are looking to make their Floor back to top ATH after the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other blockchain will magnify themselves to make new things with creators, developers & investors.

Next wave of Bitcoin Bullish or Ethereum might take a new things with Ordinals Network because most of Ethereum & Solana NFT projects are migrated to focus on Ordinals which is going to be a future of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Ethereum NFT Projects may face a new wave at prices of falling NFT market cap migrating in the future of NFT caps.

The global research experts are talking about Bored Ape Yatch, Crypto Punk, Doodles, Moonbird are going to falls Floor price at 1 ETH per Bored Ape NFTs because of global investors, traders & Creators focus on the Bitcoin Blockchain. But there is a big opprotunity to make your own NFTs & Coins things from top expensive NFT collection of ethereum’s top NFT collection. That’s a final point where top investors, creators & developers looking to invest & keep forward the project, but they all are waiting for the Bitcoin Halving and other coin’s halving or year 2024 might has new most best next wave for the Bitcoin Holders.

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