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Top Crypto Trader Earned 20K $SOL in 15 minutes by Presale, Solana Meme Coins : $SMOLE coin

How to become Crypto or NFTs millionaries in 2024, best altcoin in 2024, Solana Vs Ethereum Memecoins, Earn 10X profit on BirdEye Crypto trading, Why are Crypto traders investing in Solana Memecoins, Presale, and Upcoming tokens in 2024?. Solana Presale, Solana Meme Coins, and Newly tokens.


Currently, due to Solana’s second half Meme Coin Season, Crypto Trading Volumes, and daily new 1000X tokens, top Solana investors, traders, and holders are now gaining the biggest profits per day. Now the Solana community is investing huge amounts of money for profit or intraday trading of top Solana Meme Coins like $BONK, $BOME, $BIBO, $SMOLE, and other top upcoming tokens. So, due to Solana coin’s other trading, low fees, and instant transactions, the biggest money is being made in Solana meme coin, NFTs, and 100x gems. According to currently, Solana, Ethereum, and Cross Chain coin holders have made a profit of almost 10000x by trading most of the meme coins due to the bearish market of the last 1 year. This is a simple example of if you bought $SOL or $ETH in the Crypto bearish market of 2023, you are now making other investments in the upcoming coins, presale, defi, and memecoin season to boost their Ethereum and Solana. Recently, a man earned 20,000 $SOL coins in just 15 minutes using the blockchain, which is worth around $2m USD. To us, the band has invested more money in our Solana meme so far, the presale funds have brought in approximately $32M, and currently, due to the recent listing, one $SOL holder has invested approximately 15K $SOL in the last 15 minutes. All his Solana coins are running in profit of around Rs 20000+.

Why are Crypto traders investing in Solana Memecoins, Presale, and Upcoming tokens in 2024?

Actually, such big trades and twenty selling can be done only by those people who have at least 1000 $SOL and they also take huge risks. Now all the Crypto, NFTs, and Bitcoin traders keep their investments diversified like in Memecoins, AI, and Upcoming and newly made coins. However, ab Crypto traders are doing less trading in ab Future/Perpetual because after all their money profit they are investing in other new coins through Solana and Ethereum coins. Most of Crypto traders are planning to increase their mainnet coins like Solana, Ethereum, BNB, and ARB coins to buy more upcoming and newly made 1000X gems to increase and take a huge profit in minutes or weeks. Since the last 6 months, top crypto investors have been investing the most in other new coins like SolanaMemecoin, NFTs, and Ordinals due to which their profits have always been increasing. Recently created meme coins like $PEPE, $FLOKI, $BONK, $BOME, $SMOLE, and upcoming Solana and Ethereum-based meme coins have shown the biggest growth and have brought profits of up to 1000X to top crypto or meme coin traders. Similarly, the top upcoming tokens on Solana and Ethereum have always given Airdrop, Giveaways, and free NFTs rewards after presale and TVL, due to which the price of Memecoin has also fallen suddenly. But for long-term holding, crypto investors always keep their portfolio in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana after profit in memecoin.

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