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Top 8 Solana Airdrops in 2024, earn $10,000 in a year : NFT & DeFi Airdrop

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Recently Bonk Inu and DeFi have given millions of USD Worth of Airdrops of Solana-based tokens which is going to be a very strategic partnership in the future. For now, Solana Airdrop is also going to happen in the future from Jupiter ($JUP), Raydium ($RAY), Meteora, Blazestake, Portal Bridge, Sharky, Kamino Finance, Zeta Market, Parcl, Magic Eden which will be enough for Solana Investors, Community or creators. this Solana Monkey Business and MadLads also now have the power to Airdrop millions of USD worth which will be strategic for many Solana wallets, investors, and creators besides Madlads and the Solana Monkey Business community. Apart from this, the community, Solana Whales, and Crypto Whales, which has thousands of Solana and Ethereum, is now giving its own token by airdropping millions of USD to its community, fans, and selected wallets. Even now the price of Solana is almost above $100 so now it is believed that Solana and the Ethereum community are bringing Token Burn, NFTs Stacking, and Airdrops to shrink and up the crypto market.  In all these, it seems that in the future, a lot of Airdrops are coming on Solana, which is expected to be Solana’s fastest network, fast network, developing, DeFi, TVL, Memecoins, and Web3.

Top 10 Solana Airdrops in 2024, top investing coins on Solana blockchain

Now it is believed that Solana-based Orca, Bonk, Pyth, Jito, Madlads (NFTs), RollBit, Helium, and GMT can now be used and also Solana Airdrop, Token Airdrop, NFT Airdrops and investing or burning strategy can be done. There can be many developments in the future on the Solana blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain which is the biggest growth of web3, DeFi, and Memecoin. Solana’s developers, creators, and top investors want Solana to be made more decentralized so that in the future Solana’s wallets, Web3, programs, and developments can now be used for Solana’s Airdrops, Burns, MemeCoins, DeFi, metaverse and AI. Currently, in Jupiter’s DeFi 2.0, almost many Solana Wallets have been airdropped for more than $110. In the future, Madlads, SMB, Taiyo Robotics, and Blacksmith Labs (BSL) Whales want to take Solana or the crypto market to the top level. Now Solana’s richest Madlads NFT Collection also future if Solana price goes up to $200 then MadLads also has the power of Airdrops, Raffles, and crypto airdrops of millions of USD with Raydium, Orca, and Jupiter.

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