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Top 10 islamic banks planning to invest in Bitcoin and Crypto : Bitcoin investing banks

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The world’s top Banks & AUMs including BlackRock, Fidelity, and GrayScale have applied for BitcoinETFs to grow the crypto community, institutions, and new digital assets technology or investment strategy. In the race for Bitcoin investments, the top 428 commercial Islamic banks worldwide looking to make Bitcoin Trading facilities with zero fees, zero interest rates, and not charges investing charges. That is mostly depending on the BlackRock and Middle Eastern banks who planning to adopt Bitcoin as a digital asset, currency, and forex worldwide. Top Islamic banks planning to invest trillions of USD in their commercial investments of stocks, bonds, and digital assets like Bitcoin and NFTs in 2024. Top Islamic banks almost have a minimum worth of $60 Billion USD worth is their market cap and they want to secure, commodities and purchase many valuable things like Bonds, Forex, and Bitcoin for long-term investors leading services across 80+ countries.

Is the top Islamic Bank going to invest Trillions of USD in Bitcoin?

In 2012, some Islamic banks started lending Bitcoin to their users and buyers of Bitcoin. They started their own lending, investing, and digital assets strategy on Bitcoin but during some issues with Bitcoin and Crypto like China’s Ban, uncertainty, FUD, Unable to understand the WhitePaper, and fear of new currency or digital transactions.  they closed all the gateways to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platforms. From the year 2012 to 2015, most of banks are don’t understand what actually Bitcoin was and how it works.

Top 10 Islamic banks to invest Billions of USD in Bitcoin.

  1. Dubai Islamic Bank
  2. Al-Rajhi Bank
  3. Qatar Islamic Bank
  4. Kuwait Finance House
  5. Bank Aljazira
  6. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  7. Meezan Bank
  8. Al Baraka Bank
  9. Islamic Development Bank
  10. Arab National Bank

These banks are going to regulate their BitcoinETFs and plan to tie up with top investing, stocks, and top banks to adopt Bitcoin with the largest opportunities in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. In Bitcoin, Islamic banks have a long journey with the largest Bitcoin study, bitcoin whitepaper, and developments. All the Islamic banks across the world have almost $4 trillion USD worth of market cap and looking to invest the most economic part in Bitcoin and Ethereum. top Islamic countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Brunei, Indonesia, Kosovo, Turkey, and all the Muslim and non-muslim country’s Islamic Bank planning to adopt Bitcoin instead of USD and EUR or other forex.  Haqq Network from Switzerland also launched their first Islamic Coin called $ISLM to take the biggest entry in Islamic Banks.

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