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TonCoin price reach $100, Hamster Kombat and Not coin Price Prediction in 2024 : TonCoin News

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Currently, almost millions of Hamster Kombat mining and Notcoin holders are benefiting from trading, investing, and mining through Hamster Kombat ($HMSTR) and Not Coin on Ton Coin. Currently, Ton Chain is one of the oldest Blockchains in the world, which was created after Ethereum and before Solana and BNB, but because of Ton Coin, NFTs, Web3, Play-To-Earn and online gaming platforms around the world accept Telegram Open Network (TON). But now because of Telegram, the TON Crypto or blockchain is going to become the world’s top gaming blockchain. However, after Solana and Ethereum in the Layer 1 blockchain, TON Network is a native cryptocurrency of the Open Network (TON). Recently Notcoin has given the profit and airdrop of Thousands of USD to its Not coin holders and investors. Ton Coin is the best crypto to buy now in 2024, because Ton Coin will reach $100 within 2024 during the mass adoption in NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, Gaming, PlaytoEarn, Layer2, and AI solutions. Currently, it is being said that if the TON network gets more support from investors of Solana, Ethereum, and Ordinals, the price of Ton Coin can increase by almost $100. So in such a situation, it is believed that by 2025, the interest of Ton Network and Telegram investors may also increase in Hamster Kombat, Not Coin, and Ton Coin.

Ton Coin price Prediction 2025, Why are Memecoin traders buying Hamster Kombat, Not Coin and Ton Coin?

By the way, network and Telegram users are also of the opinion that in the future, after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, the Ton coin will become the strongest cryptocurrency. In the future, the price of Ton Coin can cross approximately $100 because currently, the most potential on Ton Network is in Gaming, Hamster Kombat Mining, PlayToEarn, and AI industry. In the upcoming Crypto, Meme Coin, Bitcoin, and NFTs season of 2025, Ton Coin can become the top currency because currently the Ton Network and Ton Community have increased to almost 30M+. By the way, Ton Network was built in 2018 and was introduced to testnet in 2019 but in 2020 in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refused to let Ton Community be on Telegram but Ton Coin got a new hope in 2024. After that Ton Community had created Not Coin like Gaming, Play-to-Earn, and Daily Rewarding platform but it had benefited thousands of miners but now the demand for Ton Coin has increased due to Hamster Kombat. Every program of Hamster Combat will require Ton coins, which can have a negative impact on the market cap of Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon annually in the future. That is why it is being said that in 2024-25, the price of the Ton coin may go above about $100. Most of the Ethereum and Solana Meme Coin traders can also keep Ton Coin in their investment which has the opportunity to generate millions of Dollars in the future.

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