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TerraClassic (LUNC) price predicted $0.01 USD and $USTC At $10 USD in 2024 : Terra Coin

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Recently $LUNC & TerraClassicUSD (USTC) hit a big pump which is the first time since the LUNA Coin Crash that is a huge move for LUNC holders. Just now Terra Classic Labs has invested $500K in $USTC coin which is being made a stablecoin on Terra Coin and this step of Terra Classic Labs is the biggest news for LUNC, $LUNA, and the Terra community. Now many Terra coin holders, developers, and teams have claimed that Terra Community is going to pump up the market and create a market cap of billions of USD from almost all the investors along with it. Due to a few missteps by Do Kwon, the Terra (LUNA) coin has posed a threat to the entire Terra community for the last 2 years. Terra (LUNA) coin seems to be the worst performer among $USTC and $LUNC.

Why is Terra Lab investing in $LUNC, $USTC, and $LUNA again?

The main aim of Terra Community or Terra Lab is to restore USTC’s value for the first time after the LUNA Coin crash. So Terra Lab has invested $500K in it and it is being said that Terra Lab can invest up to $1 Billion USD to make $LUNC reach its first all-time high price. However, many crypto traders, investors, and developers believe that Terra may never or might play a game like Luna Crash again. But now recently USTC has registered a growth of 150% which is a huge growth for the entire Terra community. But now this is the first time after 2 years that such growth has happened, which means that Terra Lab can also make big investments in USTC, $LUNC, and coins related to Terra blockchain.

Why Buying $LUNC, $USTC, and $LUNA will be worth it?

Well, till now there is a fear in the minds of people that Terra Blockchain might again drown the new and old investors. But on the other hand, Terra Classic-based $LUNC, and $USTC can also become a new opportunity that can give big profit in the future or within the next 2-3 months. Even now investors believe that if Terra Blockchain creates $1 Billion USD or a minimum Strong Market Cap then it will be able to understand $LUNC, $USTC, and $LUNA coin can give new hope to the world. So now the new question people have regarding the Terra community is now a good time to do $LUNC, $USTC, and $LUNA Buy? – The answer is yes, it is possible because if Bitcoin and Ethereum keep growing day by day then Do Kwon’s can also swap first Bitcoin or Ethereum into $LUNA.

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