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Solana banking payment are launching for merchant & online shopping, SolanaPay & Neon EVM project

SolanaPay for banks, NFT Collections, Neon EVM DApps, Solana Web3 Bridge, Solana merchant & online shopping, Solana proof-of-stake for Banks, Solana cross-chain platforms, Solana Instant Payment, web3 Payments, Ethereum Solana DApps Projects. Banks are going to allow SolanaPay for Global Transaction via Peer to Peer.


Solana layer 1 blockchain is running faster to complete the all transactions of online to integrate the world’s top blockchain’s speed of works to make all the assets more faster in the web3 Payments zones like Banking, regular Transactions, Online Shopping, Store & Global tourism purposes to instant convert your Fiat or any international currencies into one single click to swap all at once. The Creators are investing a lot of money on the Solana Blockchain cimmunity craze because its the first and final solutions to make your dream of developing or creating on the blockchain.

The DeGods & other top NFT Collections or Blokchain based programs are firstly created on Solana to migrate with each other blockchain to keep safe the security of Assets & create something new with each other blockchain like Ethereum & Bitcoin Blocks. Solana is fast, reliable, creatable & developing new cross-chain platforms for NFTs, DeFi, Memecoins, Arts & other sources of deployments.

The Solana has limited supply with disabled for the future’s SOL minting, because there are no optons for token increase or demand decreasing ecosytem. Solana Airdrops was the final options to make a unique holders of community to make millions in the future of web3, NFTs, Blockchain based ecosystem. Solana’s Upcoming Neon EVM project are looking for Green Signal for the creators, NFT Projcts Bridges, Web3 Bridge, Blockchain Asset’s bridges, Solana Bridge, NFT Community, Solana NFTs to Grow with the Best from Two Chains & cross chain technology between Ethereum, polygon & Solana, can be usable without completely leaving each others Blockhains.

Neon EVM is the biggest solutions for Blockchcain dApp developers for Ethereum Virtual Machine On Solana from Solidity, intermediary proxy server, Neon Proxy, Neon VPN, that wraps Ethereum’s transactions-like into Solana transactions. Solana is fast for improving Ethereum’s DApps projects into Solana Neon Proxy transactions of real time from parallel execution.

SolanaPay is the next generation of online digital fiat payment from Instant Payment proccessing like PayPal, Apple Pay, Wise, Venmo, Samsung Pay, Stripe like payment gateways of mobile phone. SolanaPay is partnering with top these kind of payments & their Service providers who connected with indirectly banking transactions.

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