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SOL, MATIC, ADA & ETH are biggest FUD for the creator community despite SEC & Binance Crisis? : Binance Crash

Top Exchanges are delisting Solana, Matic, Cardano, Tezos, Shiba, SHIBA, Dogecoin & Floki Inu because shitcoin of 2023. Blockchain developers are still looking for Ordianals, BRC20, Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Cardano & Tezos. Solana Neom Projects for Crosschain, US SEC against top Crypto Exchanges in 2023, Top Crypto Billionaire of 2024. Top NFT Project migrating into other blockchains or Ordinals & Ethereum from DeadChain of Cryptos.


The world’s top creator’s coin ADA, MATIC, SOL & ETH are Biggest FUD or Doubt for the Creators, Delevelopers and miners or validators for upcoming days of crash during Coinbase, Robinhoon, Binance. World’s top creators & NFT collections are looking for the each other chain or cross chain migrations to increase the stablities in the global NFT, DeFi, Web3 & upcoming technology markets of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain coins.

The Robinhood told about $SOL, $MATIC, $ADA to delists from their exchanges because of low trading long term profit for the community or customer’s, because high falls from ATH & Unregistered economy of Cryptographic. XRP are still watiting final approval of SEC to get listed on global exchages to get a best value of assets with USD or USDT pairs.

next is SHIBA, Dogecoin, Floki Inu are going to be delisted and other memecoins which are not have a long term management of works on blockchian instead of meme or fun of technology. The Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Litecoin are have a long term earnings or APY to increase the global demand with regular based new upcoming or developing new technology with its coins than making fun or Ponzi Schemes.

Solana Actually faces two types of issue from last year which is already happened in FTX crash and now happeneing because of Binance, Robihood, SEC and US Government’s policy against the crypto community despite illegal programs on blockchains. The creators, Developers and blockchain validators are looking for new blockchain after the crash, delistings, Ordinal’s direct program with Safe and world’s first Bitcoin blockchain to start a new journey with new unique ways of developments and creativities.

The Global top NFTs or Token community are looking to join BRC20 & Ordinals because of high risk on the Altcoin based blockchains and its validators. Ethereum are too affected here despite the Ordinals programs for NFTs and creators with their community. The SEC & Global top currency domanance holders are looking to monitors the Crypto & Decentralized business options to include into their TAX zones of country wise to apply TAX on Holding Assets in Crypto to power their own currency againt CryptoCurrencies.

Upcoming Projects of Solana named ‘Neom’ are making a new EVM or Non-EVM friendly programs to join Ethereum and other crosschains with Layer 1 Solana Blockchain in 2024.

By the way, All Altcoins are have diffrent kinds of strateguy behind of tokens to create everything if is possible for creators & Developers with the new programs, most number of Blockchain creators are looking for the existing community to increase the global holdings or demand of its assets instead of migrating with new like Ordinals & BRC20.

The recent SOLANA, MATIC & ADA falls are belongs to SEC & Robinhood, but the long term for this whole year before the Bitcoin Halving makes a lot of cross chain potentials for the other top NFTs & DeFi projects. Top Whales of Matic, Ethereum & Solana are looking to have a swim before Bitcoin Halving to eat a lot of Altcoins and top NFTs based project’s coins.

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