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Shibarium kill pepecoin (PEPE) to bring zero, PepeCoin & Shiba Inu price prediction 2025.

Shibarium kill or beat PEPE, Shiba inu price prediction and PepeCoin price prediction. Top upcoming projects on Shibarium, Pepecoin rugging, Developer of Pepecoin, Ethereum Vs Shibarium, Bone & Leash Projects on ETH, Shibarium Bridge, top memecoin for profit on ethereum. pepecoin price, meme coin, memetic coins.


The bad news about the rugging of Pepecoin is rapidly increasing across all Pepe coin buyers or holders on CEX and DEX of Crypto platforms. A Memecoins community on Ethereum or investors of Shiba & Pepe are looking to integrate with decentralized supply, limited supply, alternative developments, creativity, DeFi, own Cross Chain or Split Chain to offer all the new opportunities to all sectors of coin like Developers, Creators, holders, traders and strategic partnership of future. Shiba is officially made its own visible BONE & LEASH blockchain in development with Ethereum bridges and fast, instant, reliable, cheap gas fees.

Pepe coin strategy of long-term holding.

Pepe coin has a meme theme and is backed by the LP (Liquidity Pool) of the PepeCoin community, Pepecoin is the most profitable coin in the year 2023, Pepe coin treasury are developing everyday new strategy to make their own profitable thoughts and funny wave of coin price predictions. In the past day, Pepecoin suddenly dropped to 25% in a first-time single candle under the 30 minutes of charts and Pepe Coin buyers think they will be lucky to have buying chances after the long bull run of PepeCoin (PEPE).

Shibarium may kill the Pepe Community from the Ethereum Chain.

Shibarium is a fasted and split community on Ethereum, Shiba Is getting global support from Collateral assets listing and investing or lending facilities. Binance and other crypto exchanges are looking to make Shiba a top Collateral asset or lending coin to integrate with the top global support of the oldest meme coin of Ethereum. Pepecoin is not yet more friendly roadmaps like DeFi, Digital Assets, investing monitoring, long-term projects, and creativity, like Shiba & Upcoming Shibarium. On the development, creativity, and blockchain facilities, Shiba may kill Pepecoin but in the investments and lowest supply of Pepecoin under 100 Trillion are may become a top community on Ethereum. Most Ethereum holders are swapped into Pepecoin during the half an hour crash of Pepecoin the first time after being built, That dip was mostly profitable for all the ETH holders to earn massive income before Bitcoin halved.

Why buy Pepecoin in 2023, After the biggest crash on Ethereum?

Most NFT Collections, Creators, and Developers who hold large amounts of Ethereum & Shiba or Pepecoin were traded for their swapping and investing strategy with MEV bots, Robotics or Sccript technology to sell and buy daily from bots without doing anything to earn from ETH to ETH using altcoins and Memcoins on Ethereum Blockchain. A single biggest crash in meme-coin like -20% makes new profitable income sources for the long term being a PEPE coin holder. MEV bots, auto investments, and trading chances are creating more volatility in the global crypto market and TVL (Total Value Locked) & LP (Liquidity pool) are mostly new and dangerous for the creators and developers.

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