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SEC Playing Biggest Game Behind BitcoinETFs Approval in Stocks and Bitcoin

Why are BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity not investing in Bitcoin amid Bitcoin ETFs approved?, and Why is Bitcoin price not surging amid Bitcoin ETFs and SEC approval?, BitcoinETFs vs Buying Bitcoin for Banks, top 11 BitcoinETFs of GBTC, BTCO, FBTC, DEFI, BTCW, and BITB.


By the way, many people believe that after getting BitcoinETFs, there is a plan to increase the investment of billions of USD by SEC and BitcoinETFs Trust. Recently, it seems that there are chances of billions of USD coming into Bitcoin in the future, due to which the Bitcoin price can go up to around $100k. Due to all this, almost $4 Billion USD has been gained in BitcoinETFs trading earlier today, due to which there is hope in the Bitcoin Industry now that Bitcoin Price has also fallen from $48,000 to $45,000. And after all this, this $4B USD will also flow into Bitcoin, but for now, many people and experts believe that Bitcoin can still remain stable in price for the long-term because they believe that if Bitcoin ETFs Almost $2B+ USD has been liquidated since the first day it not crossed $50K, not giving the opportunity to many crypto investors to get bitcoins.

Why is Bitcoin price not surging amid Bitcoin ETFs and SEC approval?

In this case, Bitcoin and BitcoinETFs are performing in very different ways because Bitcoin investors think that whatever funds come into BitcoinETFs will be directly invested in Bitcoin but this is wrong. Whatever funds come into Bitcoin ETFs will be invested in Bitcoin Trust. Like GBTC and iShare Trust, it is possible to buy Bitcoin and do Crypto trading in the future. By the way, many big Twitter Influencers believe that the price of Bitcoin can go up to almost $150K once the Bitcoin ETFs arrive, this is easy to say but it is difficult because there will be other long-term investors in the BitcoinETFs who will sell or buy the other Bitcoins in the BitcoinETFs.  Top Bitcoin Trusts like GBTC, BTCO, FBTC, DEFI, BTCW, BITB, and HODL have received Millions of USD in the name of Bitcoin. But they have not bought Bitcoin yet, which means they want the Bitcoin price to go down as much as possible. Because as the price of Bitcoin goes down, there is an opportunity to make billions in interest on the stocks of BitcoinETF-approved companies and Bitcoinbacked trusts.

Why are BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity not investing in Bitcoin amid Bitcoin ETFs approved?

Currently, there are almost $4Billion USD in BitcoinETFs trading but do you know why BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard are not stopping investment in BitcoinETFs? – The answer to this is that BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard do not want to take any such step so they sought BitcoinETFs Approvals from the SEC for trusts associated with Bitcoin ETFs.  This shows that SEC and BitcoinETF-approved companies want to play big games under the guise of Bitcoin. The world’s top crypto investors and influencers believe that it is not at all possible for BlackRock to invest trillions of USD and that much money is being invested in BitcoinETFs trusts, which can take the Bitcoin price to almost $100K in the future. If you want to invest billions of USD in Bitcoin like BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard then why should they create separate Bitcoin trusts like GBTC, BTCO, FBTC, DEFI, BTCW, and BITB? – because they know that banks and asset management have never been such a big risk of Market volatility. let’s say the. In this way, Bitcoin Trust was opened before the BitcoinETFs approvals so that anyone who is interested in investing in Bitcoin will invest Billions of USD on the day of trading of BitcoinETFs. Because they want separate investments to be made in SEC and Bitcoin funds instead of the money of their banks and regular customers being transferred to them. Well, this is good news that it is today or tomorrow that Bitcoin ETFs will bring in more money, which means that in the first week of Bitcoin ETFs, the bitcoin price should exceed almost $50K.

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