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SEC may approve Solana ETF for VanEck, BlackRock, and Vanguard in 2024 : Solana ETF News

Solana Price prediction 2025, Solana ETFs, Why Stock Market and Finance Traders Buying Solana ETF, BlackRock, VanEck, Fidelity and Grayscale filles for Solana ETF in 2025. Bitcoin ETF Vs Ethereum ETF and Solana ETFs.


Currently, VanEck has filed its application on Solana ETF after Bitcoin and Ethereum, which means that in the future, BlackRock, Vanguard, and VanEck can get approval from the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) in the year 2024. VanEck has shown a lot of interest in Solana ETF and Solana cryptocurrency and in the future, after Bitcoin and Ethereum, VanEck may also get approval for Solana ETF. Currently, BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity have got Bitcoin ETF and almost $20B have been invested in asset management firms now Ethereum ETF is also going to begin trading. It is believed that if Solana ETF is approved during 2024, by 2025 the market cap of Solana ETF (ETF Buying Rate) or Solana ETF Inflow could reach approximately $10b. And if trading of Ethereum ETF starts in July-Oct 2024, then by the end of 2024, Solana ETF could also be available to BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, and Merchant. But by 2025 USDC, USDT, and many other Stablecoins can migrate their other projects to Solana due to which the market cap values ​​of Solana can reach almost $100b in the future.

Why Stock Market, Mutual Funds, and Finance Traders Buying Solana ETF in 2024?

Recently it has been reported that by 2025 the price of Solana can go up to around $1000 if the SEC and the US government approve the Solana ETFs. After getting Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin looks secure at around $60k and if other market cap of Ethereum ETFs and Solana ETFs reach $20b or $10b USD then Solana will be secure at around $200 USDSo in such a situation, if a trader or VanEck (US Management Firm) alone invests $10 billion USD in Solana ETFs, then the price of Solana can exceed almost $500 USD. So merchants, financial, Commodities, Stock Brokers, businesses, and intercontinental businesses can now use inflow into Solana Crypto to increase investment within the annual budget. Regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana ETFs, the interest of SEC and US Banking and US Assets Management funds in Crypto and Digital Currency is increasing, Solana, Ethereum and Bitcoin may get huge opportunities in the future. Similarly, Bitcoin ETFs are being funded by other major global banks, similarly, small and top businesses may also be interested in Ethereum and Solana. Solana cryptocurrency is considered the third strongest in the world, due to which future projects like NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and others can also be run.

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