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Saudi’s Aramco and UAE Investing First $100b in Bitcoin with SBI Holdings : Bitcoin Crude Oil

Japan and Korea parners with Saudi’s Digital Assets and Bitcoin holdings, Saudi’s Aramco and UAE Investing SBI Group, Emirates Airline and Jumeirah Group investing in Bitcoin, Japan to trade with Saudi for Digital Assets, Crude Oil Exports of Mineral Products. Japan’s Exports and Imports from Saudi Arabia in Digital Currency including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


World’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco partners with Japanese finance giant SBI Holdings to explore investing in Digital Assets. Recently Saudi Aramco has made a big deal with SBI (SBI Group) which will be for Digital Assets. Also, Japan is the first country in the world to take Digital Currency which includes Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and many other Crypto and Digital Currencies is the first country of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. And like Bitcoin, Crypto, and Digital Currency, the money of banks and companies of big countries in Japan is coming into Japan’s SBI Holdings banks, because we can consider this deal of Saudi Aramco with SBI Group instead of BlackRock. BlackRock is also Saudi Arabia’s largest contractor but due to deteriorating Saudi relations with Israel and the US, Saudi Aramco considered Japan as the best option for this deal.

In this way, Saudi Arabia’s Aramco can also do bigger deals with SBI Groups like foreign remittance, Digital Assets, Crude Oil Exports of Mineral Products, and Plastics and Rubbers. Saudi Arabia also exports a lot of assets along with Oil and Japan is also a big economy country among the top 5 in the world. After the US and China, Saudi and UAE trust Japan the most because of Japan’s technology. This will enable countries like Saudi and UAE to grow. So after Saudi Arabia, UAE also plans to invest its real estate, Emirates Airline, DP World, and the Jumeirah Group companies with Japan’s SBI Group so that 80% of its digital payments are crypto payments. Similarly, there are other thousands companies of in Saudi and UAE, both foreign and own companies, who want to advance their Forex/Riyal pairs to the international level, they will have to connect with some international banks like the Bank of Japan and SBI.

And Japan’s Assets management because they want to invest more in companies like Japan and Korea than the US and China. So now it has come to light that the government of Japan is also happy with this Digital Assets Deal with Saudi and UAE and they want investment from all over the world will come to Japan people of Japan and Korea also want to work in UAE and Saudi ArabiaJapan and Korea are at the forefront in the development of digital currency and Saudi and UAE also want Japan and the world’s top intelligent people to come to their country and take the desired amount.

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