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Qatar and Middle East Investing in El-Salvador, BlackRock and America for Bitcoin Bond : Bitcoin Price

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Qatar, the world’s top oilrich country and top GDP per capita income country, is now going to invest on a very large level in South America. Qatar and El Salvador are now going to spend huge amounts of money on Bitcoin City, Bitcoin Bond, and Bitcoin infrastructure. Qatar, Oman, and ElSalvador are jointly investing in several projects for new Digital Currency, Digital Payment solutions, and international payments. Whereas the US, UK, France, Canada, Europe, and Asian countries have a lot of money and GDP but they owe more to debt than their GDP, Qatar’s investment can play a very important role in Digital Currency and online payments. Recently the Prince of Qatar visited ElSalvador and now his eyes are on Oman and he wants to invest in digital or decentralized currencies in many countries after the situation in the Middle East improves.

why is Qatar investing in Bitcoin and Crypto, Is Qatar the next Bitcoin country?

Qatar is not the only country that invests in decentralized currencies, there are many countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina, the US, France, the UK, and Germany that also want some new opportunities to be created in their country. Many countries think that they are the responsibility of some other countries, like the debt in America is $33 Trillion, Europe is $10 Trillion+, and Asia or Africa is $15Trillion+ but Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and the Middle East are those countries. Whose reward is equal to no debt at all. Qatar and the Middle East want their money to be diversified because those countries can no longer depend more on crude oil and natural gas. Qatar is the largest Natural Gas exporter and with time every country keeps investing its money somewhere so that the future remains safe. Due to Bitcoin and Digital Currency, all the countries of the Middle East have now adopted Bitcoin and Decentralized technology.

Why is Qatar investing in US-based Asset Management Companies?

However, BlackRock is very important for Qatar and Middle Eastern investors because it has been learned that due to the US having the highest debt, the SEC and US Congress may or may not do Bitcoin ETFs so approve soon. But if the top richest countries invest heavily in companies like American BlackRock and AUMs and they want Bitcoin ETFs to be approved in the US then the risk of approving Bitcoin ETFs on the money of US overseas investors can be raised. That Bitcoin ETFs will be approved anyway is a very risky move for stocks and the world financial system. But for now, GrayScale is attracting investors from overseas countries so that after getting Bitcoin ETFs, any country can invest money in America’s Bitcoin Industry on a large scale.

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