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$PUMP memecoin on BSC raised $300 Million USD In presale, Airdrop : $PUMP coin

$PUMP coin price Predition, Upcoming $PUMP BSC Memecoin price Prediction, BSC Memecoin, Crypto presale, Airdrop, and $PUMP coin. Memecoins on Binance Smart Chain, DeFi, LP, and Web3. BSC raised $300 Million in Presale and Airdrop, investing in PancakeSwap ($CAKE), BakeryToken ($BAKE), CatCoin ($CAT), and even $BNB coins.


Currently, the largest Presale and Memecoin funds have been raised on Binance Smart Chain, which is going to give the biggest profit to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the future. In this way, we found the lowest gain or Market Cap on new or old Memecoin, DeFi, LP, and Web3 projects on all blockchains like ETH and BNB using Solana Memecoin, Presale, and Airdrop. But recently $PUMP coin has raised another $280M+ presale, which will pave the way for all Memecoins on the BNB blockchain in the future after Solana or BRC20. But now BNB projects have made many partnerships like Blast L2 with native yield, and web3 economy, and are preparing to create a memecoin strategy in collaboration with Binance Lab. Recently, $PUMP raised 363K BNB, 9M $CAKE, 24M $BAKE, 1.5B $CAT, and 73B IQ50, Which is going to be very profitable for investors, presale, and airdrop collectors. So now there is going to be a big entry of BSC (Binance Smart Chain) in the Memecoin industry which is going to pump many Binance Smart Chain projects together in the future. Similarly, $PUMP market coin projects include PancakeSwap ($CAKE), BakeryToken ($BAKE), CatCoin ($CAT), and even $BNB coins. Recently, DeBank’s portfolio tracker has shown that the $BNB blockchain has recently seen the largest fund raised on $PUMP coin, which is bigger than the projects of Ethereum, Ordinals, Solana, and Polygon. However, DeBank portfolio tracker platforms have shown that anyone who has bought other presales of $PUMP coins will almost certainly hold most of the portfolio’s value.

Upcoming $PUMP Memecoin price Prediction, BSC Memecoin, Crypto presale, Airdrop, and $PUMP coin.

As of now, $SMOLE coin (Solana), $BIBO (Solana) and $FLOKI are the biggest fundraisers in TVL, LP (Liquidity Pool), and Presale. But now the largest fundraiser has taken place other than the $PUMP coin whose value is more than $280M. So now that can have the first LP and TVL of $PUMP coin of more than $100M. and in the future, $PUMP coin can be increased to 100X because of the buying and burning of reserve funds like $200M+ To work together on different projects. So now in such a situation, $PUMP’s entry into Memecoin, DeFi, and Web3 markets can now create a shock for Ethereum and Ordinal coins. However, the prices and liquidity pools of $PUMP have not been deployed yet, but if $PUMP enters the market in the future, we can earn profits of up to 100X. By the way, Solon Ethereum Memecoin, and Altcoin investors are also making their own investments in BSC Blockchain so that they can also get good profits. This means that if Ethereum ETFs, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ETTs, and Solana ETFs are accepted then larger presale funds can be raised in other coins like $PUMP coin in the future. So now we can guess that those who have bought a presale of $PUMP BSC coin can earn 3x to 5x profit instantly in the future. If the collected entire $300M+ pump goes into the LP (Liquidity Pool) of the $PUMP coin, then the price of the $PUMP BSC Coin could be more than $100 in the future.

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