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PONKE Solana coin price prediction, 100X Memecoin amid Bonk and Solana falls : Memecoin 2024

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Recently, new Memecoins have come inside Solana like $BONK, $MYRO, and now $PONKE has also come which is said to be one of the top meme coins on the Solana blockchain. As for Solana, the new PONKE coin is now looking quite expensive but it seems that its growth has been increasing since the beginning. PONKE Coin is still to rise in terms of TVL, LP, and Listing. The listing price of PONKE coin has increased from almost $0.12 USD since the beginning, which is quite a heavy price, and along with it, the risk of other Memecoins in the market has also increased and is increasing, such as rewards to Solana investors, the benefit of Airdrops listing and short term profit. PONKE Coin may be better but it seems impossible to make a profit in the long term. As for Solana’s short-term investors, it is believed that as long as the PONKE coin’s TVL and Liquidity Pool are in the thousands of USD, there is no possibility of significant decline or fall if Solana’s PONKE community is able to push the price of these coins higher. Therefore Burning, Buyback, and stability can be created.

Why Solana community investing in the Short Term Memecoin of Solana Blockchain amid Solana and Bonk’s prices falling?

Currently, after the price of Solana coin reached an all-time high, there has been a massive decline in Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The Solana community is running Short Term Memecoin, DeFi, and NFTs-backed coins to further boost the Solana prices. While till now the PONKE community has been based only on Memecoin, TVL, and Airdrops, it is possible that in the future PONKE coin will become one of the best coins on Solana Blockchain. By the way, the PONKE coin has been listed on HTX, Bitget, Polonix, Jupiter, Bitmart, LBank, and MEXC and may be listed on top Crypto Exchanges in the future. It depends on the Bitcoin and Global Crypto market till the Solana community grows stronger due to the boom in the Crypto Market, top Crypto investors can also buy PONKE coins. And if there is a rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming weeks, then understand that Solana, Bonk, and PONKE will be the top coins. However, top ETFs and investors are trying to bring down the crypto market so that in the future they too have to buy tokens like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum and encourage investment in top meme coins.

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