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Ordinals will grow the Bitcoin upto 500% of Satoshi in next Halving 2024, Huge Profit BitcoinNFTs

Ordinals Market grow Bitcoin upto 5X of in Halving 2024, BitcoinNFTs, SolanaNFTs, Dead Chain, EthereumNFTs. Halving Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions, OrdinalsNFT Minting & BRC-20 Token huge potential, Bitcoin Lightning Network on Ordinals web3, DeFi, Airdrops, DAO and future of Bitcoin based Project on Bitcoin Core.


Most of projects of NFTs, BRC-20, or +5 million Inscriptions are made on the Bitcoin Blockchain with the first time first projcts on first oldest Blockhain. The mostly Bitcoin used in past 10 years were belongs to the payments, Gateways and Future based Decentralized Investments.

The Ordinal collabration with Bitcoin CORE are made a lot of potential for Bitcoin Chains to grow the value of Bitcoin’s Satoshi‘ to grow the whole Bitcoin and its network around the global Unique Payments, Proof of Ownership, BRC20 Tokens and etc.

By the way, top creators and projects runners like Solana or Ethereum are never expected a long term project with large amount of Storage on a single low capacity of Bitcoin node, evenecully Bitcoin Storage is most expensive about Gas or Network Fees.

If we want to upload whole files size of approximately 1KB or create a Inscriptions on ordinals into Bitcoin Network or Nodes then we have to pay at least $20 USD -$150 USD with single transactions on BTC networks. The Uploaded Files, Text, Images are not be updated on Bitcoin blockhain after successfully minted or blocked on Bitcoin Hash.

Ordinals Market or Ordinals labs are mostly working for Bitcoin based Satoshi which is equal to 100,000,000 SAT > 1 BTC. The Ordinals are working with every single Satoshi to count and config the Transaction of any uniqur Arts, Files and BRC-20 Token.

Most number of Tokens were created on minted on Ethereum Blockhain with by using the some Programming and centralized updating & Upgrading option, but its not confirmed yet for updating to exucude the files on Bitcoin Blocks.

Ethereum, Solana, Polygon is usable for the making Web3, DeFi, Airdrops, NFTs, Tokens by using some programming features but Bitcoin is a single time managements fuction to create own block to explore your arts, files and tokens.

In the future, Ordinals might be thought about creating a Web3 & all other services from the support of ‘Bitcoin Lightning Network’ which provinding by Solana, Ethereum and Polygon.

The ordinals can provides you a lot of high value on the Bitcoin blockhain for your assets because Bitcoin is a first mechainism and highly available, public, permanent, and decentralized ledger.

The Halving of Bitcoin will power the satoshi’s value and satoshi’s value going to empower the Bitcoin Inscriptions to create a new All time high prices after a Halving or Reward per Block mining rewards dropping.

The First and every things we know or we should that is Limited Supply of Bitcoins, The First things we know or we should that is Limited Supply of Bitcoins, The 21 Millions Bitcoin Equal to 2100000000000000 Satoshi and Satoshi will power the Bitcoins Network Fess to implement something new before that going to be mined of whole 21 Million Bitcoins.

In 2009-2011, Bitcoin mining rate of reward was approximately 50 BTC per Block and block were be mined into a simple or normal computer like new generation GPU of 2010 to take a month or six Months to get reward after completions of Bitcoin Blocks.

The halving always power the Satoshi and Satoshi mostly powers the economy of Bitcoins. The Projects on the Ordinals are mostly based on Satoshi or Bitcoin SATs to start minting short sizes NFTs, BRC20 Token and 1K to 100KB sizes of files.

The top investors are looking from 2020 about BitcoinNFTs and Bitcoin based Tokens to lock their TVL of Investment’s fund into Safe or ledger based Bitcoin Blocks to save the Financial lifestyles. The OrdinalNFTs finally made it, to start your Journey without transfering fund for purching EthereumNFTs, ETH Tokens, Solana NFTs & Solana Tokens.

The Bitcoin has most expesive transaction fee for per single transactions but Ordinals has divied the Blocks into per files to provide a large amount of token which is minted on a single Inscriptions to convert all token supply into your decided Mint Limites.

The NFT Minting, BRC20 Token mintings are mostly expensive and most money effect because the Network of Bitcoin is most expensive and VIP network for large amount of Fiat/Crypto swaps and transfer for banks or each others. Ordinals have to implement ‘Bitcoin Lightning Network‘ to access all transaction on Bitcoin with fast & instant like Solana, and Reduce the Fees on BRC20 Token or Ordinal NFTs.

The Bitcoin halvings early always empowered the Ethereum, Solana, Matic, ADA, XRP based Memecoins and DeFi Coins, but in the future’s Halving of Bitcoin will only powers the Bitcoin based projects because Bitcoin is the real best and unique Inscriptions for other Blockchain’s projects to stable the price of Ethereum & Solana Based NFTs & Token’s value higher on BRC-2o token standard.

Every each other’s blockhain based tokens & NFTs are going to launch with Ordinals or BRC20 to stablize and make higher value to power the Dead Chains and Markets of each other Blockhains. The Network of Bitcoin is based on the specific value of Inscriptions on satoshi to power the oldest Inscriptions on the Blockhain, the Old Inscription holders have a big opprotunity about Bitcoin Halving to gain a huge profit.


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