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Ordinal NFTs price soars amid Bitcoin Budgie NFT sold in 25 Bitcoin in 2024

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Recently, the biggest sale has happened inside OrdinalsNFTs which is going to empower Ordinals with the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Budgie NFT is currently one of the most expensive NFTs in the world and has been sold for a huge amount at Inscription #2. Due to the biggest deal of the first time on Bitcoin Budgie’s collection floor prices have increased almost 10X while currently, the buying rate is 220 Bitcoin. But now due to the arrival of Runestone on Bitcoin Ordinals, the prices of Ordinals NFTs and BRC20 tokens can skyrocket. After the entry of Bored Ape and DeGod into the NFT market, it is now believed that the top Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon NFT holders are increasing other investments from Ordinals. People are continuously investing in Altcoin or MemeCoins of Solana and Ethereum but there is a possibility of more Billions of USD coming in Ordinals and BRC20 in the future. Another thousands of Bitcoins are traded for Ordinals NFT arts or Ordinals NFT collections which can increase the prices of Bitcoin, Ordinals, and BRC20 by almost 200%. As for the Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs collected by other Taproot Wizards, Ordinal Punks, Bitcoin Rocks, Ordinal Loops, DeGods, Bitcoin Frogs, and Bitcoin Budgie NFTs, there are still quite a few trades.

Why Ordinals NFTs Market soar 1000% amid Bitcoin Price Pumping in 2024?

In any case, the further growth of Bitcoin Budgie NFT prices and the sale of Inscriptions worth millions of USD has posed a challenge to major Crypto, web3, and NFTs projects across the world. In this case, after one NFT of Bitcoin Budgie NFT was sold for 25 bitcoins, the remaining holders have also increased the floor prices of Bitcoin Budgie by almost 10X (1000%). Currently, They have seen bullish or skyrocket moves of other floor prices of Ordinals Collection on top Ordinals NFTs Marketplaces like MagicEden, OrdinalWallets, and This time, the floor of Bitcoin Budgie NFT can be the topmost in the market of Ordinals NFTs and Bitcoin Budgie NFT can play the biggest role for the rest of the Ordinals NFTs Inscriptions. If the floor price of Bitcoin Budgie reaches 1000 Bitcoins, then the floor price of all other related Ordinal NFTs of Bitcoin Budgie can also increase by 10x. As for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs, the prices of Bitcoin NFTs based on the oldest Rarity, Inscription, and Collectibility are likely to increase further. And if you are holding Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions between 100-1M then your inscription prices can also increase up to 10X.

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