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Oldest Crypto Whales predicts Bitcoin price could reach $125K in 2024 : CryptoCurrencies

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All the media, investors, and banks in the world, AUM (Assets Under Management) is estimated to be around $1 million after Bitcoin halved in 2024. But no one has told the exact price and future of Bitcoin, when and where its price can go. So, it is not yet known how far Bitcoin can go in the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Now the recent entry of BlackRock, GrayScale, Microstrategy, and Ferrari into Bitcoin could take the price of Bitcoin to $1M in one day. but for now, the old Bitcoin investors, and crypto holders, believe that the price of Bitcoin will remain pumped up to $100K if we Look at halving base, you can recover at least $100K from your powers without using BlackRock, GrayScale, BitcoinETFs and global investments.

How does Bitcoin will reach $100K without Bitcoin ETFs and Global Bitcoin investors?

If Bitcoin ignores Bitcoin ETFs and upcoming global investments, Bitcoin has many opportunities to increase its price by 3x every time. You will have to look at the old charts of the last 10 years because Bitcoin has recently gone above $70K so you can imagine that at this time there are no Bitcoin ETFs for Bitcoin Investors. Here, the old whales of Bitcoin and owners of crypto exchanges know very well that they can see the price of Bitcoin reach $1m within the next 5 years. There are still people and investors in the Crypto Market who are looking at BlackRock, GrayScale, and Banks, so it does not matter that Bitcoin will not exist without ETFs, but Bitcoin has always been raised by its own mechanism. It would have made a difference if Bitcoin ETFs were founded because BlackRock, Fidelity, and GrayScale would own Bitcoin ETFs and would benefit the most because there is a chance of trillions of dollars coming in within 1 year.

Why Bitcoin ETFs are so important, Will Bitcoin prices rise due to Bitcoin ETFs now?

But Bitcoin whales, crypto projects, creators, and Bitcoin miners believe that the price of Bitcoin is sure to increase by 2025 whether Bitcoin ETFs are found or not. Because Bitcoin has increased from $0 to $70,000 in the last 14 years, it is not a coincidence because the whole world is crazy about the technology of Bitcoin. Now many banks and AUM are also demanding more and more Bitcoin ETFs so that new strategies can be made for institutions, investors, and long-term investments. Many countries in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa are considering Bitcoin and digital currency. So for now Bitcoin and Crypto are far ahead in securities and technology. 

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