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Mt Gox Selling Bitcoin to Adopt Bitcoin ETF in Japan, Sony, Germany and Europe: Bitcoin News

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Recently, there has been a lot of news coming in regarding the future of Bitcoin which shows that in the future Bitcoin ETFs in Japan, Germany and Europe may get approval. This can take Bitcoin up to $75K in the future because for now German government and Mt Gox are the Bitcoin largest holders who are selling all their Bitcoin for now so in the future other rounds of Bitcoin ETF can buy back. Recently, we saw that GrayScale sold the most Bitcoin since Bitcoin ETF approval, which will lead to a very wide range of Bitcoin prices in the future. So in such a situation, now many Bitcoin investors, Bitcoin traders, and Memecoin traders believe that the price of Bitcoin can again come below $30k. Now according to them, it is also possible that Bitcoin price can go beyond $30K but now we will tell you why ultimately Mt Gox and the German government are selling Bitcoin and why Bitcoin prices dumping.

Japan Government Adopt Mt Gox as Bitcoin Trading or Bitcoin ETFs Exchanges, Why Sony Investing in Bitcoin.

Many people believe that Mt Gox is now sending all the Bitcoins from all its cold wallets to the accounts of all the users, which means that now Mt Gox users are selling all their Bitcoins so that they can buy Bitcoins on other Crypto Exchanges. Now Mt Gox users will be able to sell all their Bitcoins and take them in local currency so that in the future they will not have to worry about Japan, the US, and any foreign Crypto Regulation laws. In the same way, the German government is also taking the help of Bitcoin to meet all its financial needs by selling Bitcoin so that Bitcoin Backed Stocks can be brought in the future. Currently, due to Sony’s partnership with Amber Company, the Japanese Government has put pressure on Mt Gox to launch a Bitcoin ETF so that Sony’s large market values ​​can migrate to Bitcoin. Just like Grayscale, now even Mt Gox matters to Japanese Bitcoin users.

Why German Government and Mt Gox Selling Bitcoin, Will Bitcoin going to crash?

However, the market cap values ​​of mtgox bitcoins are around $10B, which could lead to a big fall in the Bitcoin price in the future. In 2011, the world’s first Crypto exchange was hacked by Russian servers, now known as Mt Gox, the first company to build a big Bitcoin Exchange in Japan and the world. There are discussions going on around the world regarding Mt Gox payout due to which daily traders of Bitcoin are also selling their Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies so that they can keep their money safe in case of a big Bitcoin Crash. Because of this, the German Government is also selling its remaining Bitcoins so that other Bitcoin ETFs in Germany and Mt Gox can avoid the crash caused by the Bitcoin sale. But you do not need to worry because now only Germany and Mt Gox are left who are selling Bitcoin illegally but apart from them there will be no big Crypto or Bitcoin holder left who will be able to sell Bitcoin in the future. Now there is a trend going on regarding Bitcoin and all the Bitcoin ETFs of the world which will show you a big increase in Bitcoin price in the future.

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