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Matic price falls below $0.50 amid top crypto investors selling Polygon Matic coins : Crypto News

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Recently, a very big change has been seen in the Crypto industry in which at the beginning of 2023 people thought that Polygon Matic coins could now overtake Solana and BNB. But by the end of 2023, even the big top Ethereum, Tron, and BNB whales feel that Polygon, XRP, and BNB can never replace Solana and they sell millions of Matic on Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. This is so that coins like USDT or Solana can be bought. Currently, we cannot say that Polygon is a useless blockchain in the world of cryptocurrency or blockchain, however, Ordinals, Ethereum, and Solana Blockchain can now work on cross-chain for Polygon’s networks, DeFi, and Web3. But because Polygon sellers are continuously cashing out, they are now pushing Polygon and Ethereum towards the biggest crash.

What is Matic Price prediction in 2024, Why are crypto investors selling Polygon Matic?

Recently, Polygon Matic has seen a huge decline from the entire last year, which is a big problem in the crypto, web3, and DeFi industries. Because recently the increasing dominance of Solana has shocked Ethereum, BNB, and all Altcoins. Because just now many developers, creators, and investors have made Polygon the most worthless coin because even in the last 2 years it has not shown as much growth as Solana, Ethereum, and BNB have. Mark Cuban, who is known to be one of the biggest billionaires and investors in Crypto and the rest of the world, can now sell 2.5M Matic coins on crypto exchanges like Coinbase. Because their pass also allows investment in many assets like Ethereum and Solana and in the bearish crypto market of 2023, they are still at a loss due to Polygon Matic and Solana has given 10X profit as much as other cryptocurrencies have not given. That’s why he is now bored of Matic coins. And it seems that after Mark Cuban’s steps, many investors can also sell Matic and the price of Matic can even go below $0.50 USD. Recently, NFT Collections like Degod are also regretting coming to Polygon and Ethereum because Solana was a bright future for them.

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