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Largest Crypto Whales are moving 1 million Bitcoin from All the Crypto Exchanges, SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs

Brazilian Assets manager HashDex filed for Bitcoin ETF to SEC, Crypto Whales buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Miners, Bitcoin Whales, and Crypto Whales pump the Bitcoin price to $250K in 2025. Large Bitcoin moved to Wallets, ByBit exchange holds large Bitcoin. Bitcoin Price Prediction of 2025. bitcoin trader on ByBit, Binance,, OKX, eToro, Kraken are moving up to Million Bitcoin to Unknown Wallets.


In the recent, Bitcoin whales have doing something big to keep increasing the price of Bitcoin up to $100K before the Bitcoin Halving of 2024, Top crypto exchanges like ByBit, Binance,, OKX, eToro, Kraken, and all the world’s top Crypto proof of reserve or holdings of top assets in Crypto world. In a Month, Bitcoin whales moved 10,000 BTC from ByBit to unknown wallets which means, that Bitcoin’s long-term green signals are coming soon to increase the global prices and demand per Bitcoin price predictions. In the recent Crash of August, Most Bitcoin sold out before the price of $25,000 in the price of despite $15K to $31K, and in the next bull run they (the seller) may buy back the Bitcoin at below $20K, but in this recent movement fo Bitcoin Whales, the Most number of Bitcoin price sees the ATH from the drops of $15K in a whole year.

Bitcoin Miners, Bitcoin Whales, and Crypto Whales may sell all their assets at a $100K bitcoin price.

In the year, Bitcoin Whales may move up to a million Bitcoins from all the Crypto Exchanges to an unknown wallet to increase or wait until the price of $100K to sell them all at A time high to give Themeselve a new chance of buying the dip until the next Bitcoin Halving or before the next Halving of Bitcoin they just need a crash upto $50k after the Bitcoin Halving of 2024. Coinbase is making its own base network to secure its Bitcoin in its own Split chain with Ethereum and the layer 2 network of Bitcoin. The Whales of Bitcoin need, a large amount of return and profit in the next halving of Bitcoin because all the Bitcoin and crypto whales already have a loss of up to 75% in a recent row of the current Cryptography scenario.

Why do Crypto Whales buy Bitcoin instead of Selling over a year?

In the past few months, the top whales have always bought the dip of Bitcoin instead of selling like public, companies (Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon Musk) and they always bought large Bitcoin from all the times of low prices. They always buy on the Crypto Exchanges like Binance, and Bybit to save and secure with own wallet from the Bitcoin chain. Bitcoin Whales always use self-custodial wallets like ByBit and Binance to buy without fighting with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and national Securities councils or rules or regulations. Bitcoin price predictions are looking so bright with up to $100K before the Halving of 2024, and If the top whales and unknowing banks purchase Bitcoin and lock for some month of the year 2024, there will be a bright opportunity to pump the Bitcoin price up to $100K to $250K incomes of 2025. Brazilian top Assets manager HashDex filed a Bitcoin ETF directly with SEC to use the USD/BTC pair in their Exchange for Physical (EFT) mechanism to buy/sell and hold or Stake Bitcoin into Fiat of Brazillian currency.

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