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JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs investing in BlackRock’s BitcoinETFs : Bitcoin Price

US government offering a Bitcoin ETF to BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs?, Why SEC want Cash, and Cheques to Buy Bitcoin in 2024?, US Banks Investing in Bitcoin through BlackRock and SEC. Wil USD falls from Global Reserves, Why US investors are looking for abroad while investing in Bitcoin?, SEC, US Congress Crypto Tax on Bitcoin with Grayscale, Blackrock and JPMorgan. US institutional investors are looking for BitcoinETFs, BlackRock, SEC, and other US governments to approve Bitcoin ETFs and Tax opprotunities with US banks.


Recently I learned that the rules for Bitcoin ETFs are being negotiated between BlackRock and the SEC. This is quite interesting because recently JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have announced that they also want to become BlackRock’s investment partner for BitcoinETFs. Although these steps are quite good to be taken by JPMorgan and GoldMan Sachs as they are already in partnership with BlackRock for making investments now it seems that the demand from institutional investors of JPMorgan and GoldMan Sachs is shifting towards Bitcoin. Since even Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have been very positive about Bitcoin with BlackRock, it is enough to say that now with BlackRock other big banks in the US can also demand Bitcoin due to SEC’s Crackdown on Crypto.

Why SEC want Cash, and Cheques to Buy Bitcoin in 2024?

Recently people came to know that BlackRock, SEC, and other US governments are not making proper regulations of Bitcoin and rules on Bitcoin ETFs hence US banks have much more power to make new rules on Bitcoin. People in many countries believe that Bitcoin will also be accepted in cash if Bitcoin ETFs are approved. whether there will be bank transfers after buying Bitcoin or whether they will be sold in tax-free countries, even the US Congress and SEC are not sure about this. Because after buying in cash, investors can take that money from anywhere if they want to save tax there and in Europe. Because the SEC did not understand that Bitcoin will now be available to investors in cash, will those investors be ready to take back cash or payment in dollars? – this answer is been ‘maybe‘. In this way, companies like BlackRock, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Fidelity are working together to form ties with US banks so that Bitcoin can’t be given and taken without tax.

Why is the US government offering a Bitcoin ETF to BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs?

Meanwhile, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Blackrock are top companies and banks in the US and the SEC wants to make new rules regarding Bitcoin ETFs with banks and investors so that in the future, apart from BlackRock, no big investors can invest in bitcoin and crypto. In order to prevent unauthorized transactions, USDBitcoin pairs can be saved and strengthened. And it seems that the SEC wants along with Bitcoin, there should also be tax partnerships and shares with banks like Blackrock and JP Morgan so the SEC wants to increase the number of Bitcoins. Apart from big deals through the SEC, the US Congress can also earn significant revenue from small investors. So now the question is whether JP Morgan, BlackRock, and SEC will be able to trade USD and Bitcoin pairs like usual because putting in and taking out money in Bitcoin is okay in the case of big investors looking to save tax. If US Investors want to trade TaxFree in Abroad Bitcoin/Forex elsewhere it could be a big blow to the USD long-term.

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