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Japanese biggest e-Commerce Websites WowMa and Mercari planning to accept Bitcoin : CryptoCurrency News

$2 Trillion USD coming in Bitcoin from Japanese e-Commerce platfroms in 2024, Why are Japan’s top 10 e-commerce websites accepting Bitcoin?, Why Japanese Investing in Bitcoin amid USD/JPY Crisis, Mercari and WowMa accepeting Bitcoin for international business.


Recently, Japan’s top e-commerce site Mercari said that they will now start accepting Bitcoin payments for their business and online e-stores in Japan. and now along with it another top e-commerce company in Japan like WowMa, also Payment is also being taken in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. And now it seems that the top 10 e-commerce platforms in Japan are going to accept Bitcoin. Due to all this, steps can now be taken for Bitcoin adoption in the future in Japan, South Korea, and Indo-Pacific countries. And now due to all this, top banks, retailers, eStores, and e-commerce websites in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and China are also going to accept Bitcoin. And now Mercari, which is Japan’s top e-commerce market, provides billions of USD worth of retailers, wholesalers, and buying and selling of products to almost all the poor in Japan.

Why are Japan’s top 10 e-commerce websites accepting Bitcoin?

Currently, there is a continuous decline in USD and JPY and due to geopolitics, defense, and investment tensions, the Japanese economy is facing pressure. Now Japan’s top companies, which have expanded overseas besides Japan, are planning to trade decentralized trade with Japan along with the World. Now, accepting Bitcoin Payment to take the business forward.  And also Japan’s top e-commerce payment solution is accepting Bitcoin for digital payments and online tax-less payments. So recently we believe that for the last 3 years, Japanese companies have accepted Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in almost many places.  And now it seems that by 2025, a market of up to $2 trillion from Japan is going to come into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Currently, the Japanese currency has become the top risky currency in the world due to and the Top Japanese Investors, Crypto Traders, Retailers, Businessmen, and Forex Traders are increasing their investment in Bitcoin because Crypto trading is quite legal in Japan. Top Investing, Assets Management and Japanese banks regulated or approve Bitcoin ETFs across Japan.

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